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Purifying the U.S. Legal System

Before the U.S. Constitution can be used as the blueprint for the constitution of the proposed international government, certain practices that have caused chaos in the U.S. legal system must be purified, or they will be introduced into the international government. These practices include the Electoral college and term limits.

Our plan involves allowing classes to be started in five law schools to teach the purification process, taught by retired legislators.

The legislative process is complex, and bills can be long and complicated, and oftentimes the senator or representative is not able to understand the ramifications of a bill. This plan enables bills laws that create chaos to be reviewed and if necessary, rewritten or struck from the legal codes.

Another aspect of the purification process is being recommended by our organization, and that is to enable our advisors to offer their input on laws that up being written or reviewed. We can offer our perspective on how to make the law more fair and equitable. We have no desire to influence the legislation, other than to recommend what is the highest good for all people.

Our organization is based on the channeled messages from the spiritual hierarchy, and if this plan for world peace is accepted, we would like to offer the services of our channels to bring down the perspective of the spiritual hierarchy, to enable the solutions to the problems our nation, and the world, is facing. We will host dinner parties and offer our services, addressing one particular law at a time.

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Purifying the U.S. Legal System



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