Tolerance and Empowerment

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The Application of the Plan

Once you have resolved the conflicts in your life, you can apply what you have learned and create the life you have always wanted. Before you can go forward, you must have one person, called an "intent," agree that your plan should be created. It is like a group of people coming together to decide to do something, and the last person says, "I think it is a good idea."

The Tolerance and Empowerment Segment of the organization is the last segment you must address to create your project. Then if you have problems, they direct you back into the organization to address the issues.

You will start the planning process by creating your plan on the mental level—possibly several times— before you create it on the physical level. Every aspect must be addressed. It takes the dedication of an Olympic athlete to create such a plan, but doing so allows you to have the respect of the people who are also working to create their project because they will understand how difficult it is to do so.

This segment will highlight individual projects. Our "People in Transition" newsletter also follows individual projects through the planning process.

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Last revised: October 14, 2009