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Once the U.S. legal system has been purified, we will host a conference, to which the world's leaders will be invited. The people of a nation will decide whether their culture is ready to participate; the invitations will be presented to their government by the people of that nation. Change must come from within, when the people are ready for it. It cannot come from the outside, or there is resistance.

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For world peace to come, every person on the planet must have a voice in his or her government.

People assume that world peace can only come if the world's leaders sit down together to write a treaty, and are frustrated because no one will work together. The world's leaders will not sit down to write a treaty, they will sit down to write a constitution. Our plan for world peace offers incentives for participation, and through donations to the organization, which go only to fund the conference, the people will host the conference.

The constitution of the international government will be written by people from every nation. It will not be ratified until every person on the planet agrees to its creation.

The departments of the international government will supercede the present structure, such as the World Bank and the IMF. The departments will be made up of experts in the fields from every nation, and they will advise the governments, which will be one of the main benefits of participation. There will be shared research, and so there will be no redundant efforts. This is where the solutions to mankinds crises will be found. The departments will be autonomous, and function as advisors to the three branches, also.

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