The Organization Projects

The principles we stand on create a framework of projects based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. We are introducing the initial projects, fifty innovative projects, and opening them to debate. Our projects demonstrate how the new paradigm functions and our intent not to leave anyone out of their benefits. We are offering the projects ideas to certain independent members of our organization, who will assume responsibility for their creation. They must stand on the principles of the organization for the projects to work. Spin off technologies must also stand on the same principles.

To base our plan for the international government on the principles of the cooperation of nature pegs our plan on a very high level.

  • Every project is based on the same principles.
  • People must be able to get their life on a higher level.
  • Your plan must leave no one out of its benefits.
  • Everyone must agree to the plan.
  • Your plan must enable people to have recourse to change what is unfair.
  • Your plan must function under the principles of Universal Law.

The application of the principles is evolutionary. The prophecy we received at our prayer circle is that our plan will bring a Thousand Years of Peace, but then there will be a time when the power games return. The application of the principles is the power level, so will mankind use our power to bring peace or to perpetrate acts of war? Will the governments of the world accept the government proposals and work diligently to apply the principles of the proposal?

The projects level combines both principles and power. If we leave out the principles, we devolve as a species.

Each of our government proposals has recommended reading materials associated with it that explain the principles and the application of the principles. Our independent members will share what they have learned with the people, who can take this information forward. The recommended reading materials are the government proposals, the newsletters and the channeled handouts, books, and class materials. These allow the people to support the organization. We also offer information and discussion on our forum, surveys, blogs and social media accounts.


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