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The World Peace Plan: Synopsis

Our plan for world peace is based on two proven concepts—the U.S. Constitution and the cooperation of nature. The U.S. Constitution has kept a land of diverse cultures and religions at peace for over 230 years, and nature has functioned perfectly for billions of years, creating a sense of abundance for all.

The World Peace Plan creates an international government based on fair and equitable practices, an additional layer of government over what already exists. It does not attempt to change what now exists in any country. Change must come from within the country, when the people have evolved to that point that they see the need to change. Every nation, culture, religion and individual has the right to be respected.

  • Disputes between nations will be settled in a legitimate and transparent court system rather than the battlefield, and the resources now wasted on war will go to help the people instead.( Track Our Progress / January 2012)
  • The power a nation has will be based on its population, which will encourage the governments to turn their focus inside of their country to enable the people to prosper. (Track Our Progress / February 2012)
  • The economic structure will be based on win-win agreements, which builds trust and sets the stage for future agreements. (Track Our Progress / March 2012)
  • Issues, such as the environment and commerce, will be handled by the departments of the One World Government, taking politics out of the issues. (Track Our Progress / April through September 2012)
  • Shared research will ensure solutions to the issues will be found.
  • The international government guarantees to every person on the planet our inalienable rights to be able to create our life without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and have a voice in our government. (Track Our Progress / February 2012)
  • The plan for the international government spins off into more specific segments, listed to the left.

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