Affiliate Membership

Our organization has two forms of membership, and both play a vital role in creating the international government.

Independent members are paid employees of the organization, and we have only three full time, permanent employees. We have 200 inndependent members, and each is parallel to a nation, experiencing the same crises that nation has, and as we solve the crises in our own lives based on the proposals, that allows us to demonstrate that the solution works, and the world leaders can apply the solution within their own nation. In this way, we become advisors to the world leaders.

Affiliate members are people from every part of the world, and by adding their name to our affiliate membership list, demonstrate their support for the plan. Affiliate membership has played a major role is helping to leverage the plan onto the government levels. We are average people, and while the world leaders may not listen to us, they listen to the fact that the plan for world peace is being debated within their country.

The diversity of affiliate member nations, from every continent, culture and religion, allows our plan to have a sense of cultural review. This is one of the most important principles organization projects must stand on. Our plans must benefit everyone on the planet.

There are no fees or dues to join. We won't send anything to you, but we ask that you watch the progress in the creation of world peace on our websites and blogs.

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