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Finding the Middle Ground

Everyone wants the same thing, to be able to create their ideal life, and have relied on power games to make it happen. The games always result in a backlash, because you are going against Universal Law. If you are grabbing for power, you are coming from a sense of lack, and you reinstate that lack. Those who rely on power games, no matter how powerful they appear, will eventually lose their power.

Power actually comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you and others have done, and you rise and fall in power by the choices you make. If you stand on the principles of creativity, and Universal Law, you can walk forward and get your life, and demonstrate it is possible to do so. Your "enemies" are falling in power while you are rising in power.

For conflict resolution —

  1. First there must be a sense of equality.
  2. Then, everyone has to see a need to end the conflict.
  3. Then, everyone must assume responsibility to undo the damage.
  4. Finally, everyone must work together on the plan so everyone can get their life on a higher level.

As the old structure is falling, something must be rising to take its place, something that functions on a higher level. Why would anyone wish to reinstate something that functions on a lower level? Our projects allow us to resolve the conflicts in the world through the mediation process. We have our Iraq Exit Strategy proposal, bringing both sides together to find the middle ground, a mediation program to end the conflict, and the establishment of the Local Court system to handle that dispute and future disputes between nations.

Our Conflict Resolution segment's projects are the application of the Healing Arts Center, which will address the application of the resolution of the effects of the power games. It will address the root causes of the issues, such as War, Massacres, Genocides, Slavery, Disease and Famine.


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