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The Creation of the Global Renaissance

Win-win agreements between nations creates world peace.
Between individuals creates a global renaissance.

The World Peace Plan is based on two proven concepts — the U.S. Constitution and the cooperation of nature. In this segment, we address the principles of the cooperation of nature, and introduce our economic stimulus plans.

The root cause of the global economic crisis, and even down to the individual level, involves the power game of Greed that is based on the fears of loss. To overcome the crisis, mankind must establish a global economic system that ends the oppressive games and enables everyone to have a sense of abundance in their life.

Many people believe nature is hostile, but the cooperation of nature sets up a framework where every aspect of nature is ensured a sense of abundance. In the Technology segment, the Principles of the Projects are listed.

The international government will establish a framework of nations, each finding its national niche based on natural resources, and the international government will find markets and make win-win trade agreements. Each win-win agreement builds trust and sets the stage for future agreements. The same occurs on the individual level, each finding his or her niche based on talents and gifts. Everyone can get their life on a higher level. The World Peace Organization represents the first 200 people of the framework, and by creating out projects, we become the teachers to demonstrate the potential of the plan. The framework will extend out to draw in all the people on the planet. The framework concept also works on the international level between nations, and the international government will maintain the balance of trade between the nations through win-win agreements.

Four economic projects, listed below, are being opened for debate. Two plug the drains on the U.S. economy, and two are economic stimulus plans. The overview concept is the creation of an international government based on fair and equitable practices, which will create a sense of balance in the trade amongst nations and enable the creation of the global renaissance.

Until this time, economic and political "games of one-upmanship" caused a sense of economic competition. The games have reached their ultimate conclusion, because a nation's resources no longer benefit the people, but have become a curse. It is time for the games to end, and instead of the oppressive games, we are offering a plan that enables every person on the planet to function on a far higher level.

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