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Most people consider technology to be an ever - evolving pool of innovative gadgets, and it is, but technology relates to a plan that solves a problem, even if it is what to do in your spare time. In the Technology segment of our organization, we are looking at the process of creating a plan that solves problems, and then applying the process and principles to new technologies that we are introducing. The same creative process applies to any plan, so even if new gadgets don't interest you, the process of creating innovative projects may.

Technology is just one segment of the plan for world peace. Planning must also address the financial aspects, the physical part, security, your capacity, and tolerance and empowerment for your project to be successful. All plans must stand on certain principles, and global projects must to be able to pass cultural review before it is accepted. We are introducing the idea of cultural plan review for new technologies. The World Peace Plan has passed cultural review by drawing in affiliate members from a long list of nations.

Our organization is also introducing fifty revolutionary projects. One of our independent members will assume responsibility to create the planning for the project and carry it all the way to fruition, but the projects are huge and require the efforts of all our independent members to the project to be successful. Every project must stand on the Principles of the Projects for it to be accepted by our Plan Review Board, and it must pass the board to receive organization sponsorship funding.

Once the invention or program has been created, it will be offered to world leaders as as an incentive for that government to join the international government. It will help to solve that nation's crises. Any government that participates in the international government will have access to the technology. Project teams will function as advisors to the governments and speak from their own experience as everyone works together to create the same project within that nation.

While some technology can be very lucrative for the inventor, it does not necessarily have any financial reward. Our Intellectual Property Agreement, which can be found in our Business and Economics segment, explains the distribution of the wealth that can come from the creation of these projects, and how it will continue to be reinvested to benefit all people.

To demonstrate our intent not to leave anyone out of the creative process, or the benefits of the projects, we would like to get everyone involved with the debate. The spin - off technologies are open to anyone. All projects must stand on the same principles or they won't work.

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Last revised: February 4, 2015