History of the Organization

This organization began as a result of a prayer circle that started in the early 1990's. The group gathered each week to pray for the world and the galaxy. As a result of the diligent work that the group did in praying for the world, the spiritual hierarchy began to take notice and gave each of the members spiritual gifts. One of the members, the person who started the group as a result of instruction from the hierarchy—from an emotional healer by the name of Maya who worked with the group on its emotional healing—and this person began to get messages and to pass the teachings on to the rest of the group.

It is Universal Law that when you are diligent and steadfast in your resolve that you will continue to receive what you give, and this group, as a result of its work to heal the planet, received further instruction on how it could be done. This organization is the outcome.

Suzeranda Melchizedek, also known as Karen Holmes, began to channel an entity by the name of Seth, who was famous in the work that he did with another channel by the name of Jane Roberts. He wrote several books through Jane Roberts, and continues his work to bring peace to the planet through Suzeranda. He is writing a series of books based on the different aspects of society, and using his understanding of spiritual law, has continued to teach through these books.

When you read the books you will find them to be simple yet profound, and the impossible, or what seems to be impossible, is only a slight shift of perspective away. Seth never tells anyone what to do, or makes them change their belief structure in any way, but encourages one to shift their perspective and to look at the subject at hand from another perspective.

Seth continues his work for the hierarchy to bring world peace and instructs the organization on how to work with the world leaders and the governments of the world to make the dream of world peace a reality.

We hope you will join us in this work.