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The World Peace Organization for the One World Government
Principles of the Projects

Iraq Exit Strategy

The War in Iraq created a series of ripples that have gone out and in some way affected every person on the planet. It destabilized the global economy.

It is a major drain on the U.S. economy that must be plugged. While ending the conflict benefits the everyone on the planet, the Iraq Exit Strategy is actually a U.S. economic stimulus plan. It sets the stage for the creation of a legitimate Local Court system that has the capacity to end disputes between nations, saving the United States hundreds of billions of dollars each year, not to mention the lives and the suffering.

Our organization recommends a series of steps to end the crisis, and is working to implement these plans.

  1. The U.S. government must address the exit strategy as if it opens the door for all people to function on a higher level through the creation of the World Peace Plan, and the global renaissance.
  2. Introduce the idea of the international government, which guarantees the rights of all the people on the planet to get their life without interference. We propose introducing the Grand Unification Principle and conflict resolution through England.
  3. Conflict resolution requires that all sides be considered equal, recognize the need to end the conflict, assume responsiblity to come up with a plan, and work together to implement the plan so that everyone can function on a higher level. Therefore, the idea of the international government opens the door for mediation.
  4. Our organization does not have the capacity to adjudicate the issue, so the mediation program we are proposing leads to the creation of a Local Courts system that allows third party abitration between nations. We are proposing that a third nation handle the court case, and that the dispute be handled the same way that disputes will be handled by the international government.
  5. The creation of the court system requires that an established Rule of Law be agreed upon, and we recommend the basis be Universal Law. The Legislative Branch and Executive Branches of the international government must be addressed, and then the creation of a global constitution to which everyone can agree to must be addressed. That will be addressed at the conference we will host, and to which all nations will be invited. The invitations will be presented to their governments by the peoples when they are ready to walk forward.
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