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The Flight Mentoring Project

The commercial aviation industry is designed to accommodate the needs the industry over the traveler. Large hubs have been established, and everything is channeled through them to the point airports are almost like cities. This is oppressive to the travelers. As world peace comes about, people will choose smaller, more direct flights, and so there will be a need for more pilots to be trained.

Present training consists of either joining the military and later transitioning to commercial aviation, which can be disruptive or even life-threatening, or taking lessons from a flying school, which is very expensive. This leaves out lower income people, including people from third world countries, who would make great pilots and be an asset to the industry. As mankind transitions out of war-based thinking, the military option will no longer be available.

Now, many communities have flying clubs. Our Flight Mentoring plan takes the idea of the flying club one step further to flying guilds, where the masters teach the apprentices their craft, riding along with the experts in the field to learn safe practices. Flying guilds will allow aviation training to function on a far higher level than the present structure.

Our Flight Mentoring project is included in the 2012 Track Our Progress planning, associated with our proposal to Cyprus, which is ideally located to be the home of one of the first guilds.

Our "Swan Song" newsletter will be available soon. In it, follow the crisis in aviation from rational to fruition.

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