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The Ocean Symposium

The Earth is a closed ecosystem, and in some way the oceans affect every person on the planet. For world peace to come, the oceans must be kept in their pristine state. No one has the right to pollute the oceans or upset the balance of nature. Because of their global influences, they must be under the auspices of an international institution with the capacity and authority to protect them. The proposed international government will have a Department of the Oceans to be stewards of the oceans

As part of our 2012 Track Our Progress planning, and associated with our proposal to reunify North and Korea, we plan to host an ocean symposium and invite the world's experts on the oceans to debate our proposal on sovereignty of the oceans.

To understand how to keep the oceans in their pristine conditions, and to know them better, our three technological inventions rely on the same principles as the oceans. The planet is a living entity, and seawater is similar to that of blood, and the minerals function like electrolytes. A balance is necessary to maintain life. An invention is being created that can extract minerals from the ocean. While it may seem in the best interests of a few people, by doing so, it will disrupt the balance in the electrolytes and can make the planet inhabitable. This will be the main topic of the Ocean Symposium.

The planet has a nervous system, also. There are energy lines, called ley lines, that run through the planet. Thoughts are energy. When many people in one area are facing a traumatic event, they are in circular thinking patterns, that they must do something, but they don't know what to do, and the chaotic energy is channeled into certain areas in the oceans. This is how hurricanes form. We address this further in our "Sovereign Oceans," which will be available soon.

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