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Mathematics is a problem-solving tool.
Sacred geometry enables us to solve life problems.

Technology mimics nature. We are introducing three interrelated inventions that parallel the life-partnership relationship, which can be a marriage relationship or business. A life-partnership is based on having the same goal, and one's vocation is the other's vocation. Each mentors the other, which allows both to function on a far higher level.

The Intuitive Computer

Power comes from assuming responsibility, and you rise and fall in power by the choices you make. We always have three choices—up, down and straight ahead. To go up is to stand on the principles. To go straight ahead is to ignore the crisis, and it takes seven generations to undo the damage. To choose down is to play the power games, which always lead to a backlash.

When in a crisis situation, your perspective narrows, and only two choices seem apparent. It is a dilemma because both are untenable. You fall into circular thinking patterns, that you must do something, but you don't know what to do, but you must....

It isn't always easy to understand what our choices are, and the ramifications of our choices. We make a choice, and then a second choice is the application of the first choice. Will we make the change, put it on hold for a while, or react out of fear and choose to play one of the power games because we believe we have no power?

At some point in time, every relationship must be resolved to regain your power, which involves making a win-win agreement to enable everyone to function on a higher level. Each of the twelve levels of the Free Power Source invention represents twelve choices, starting with your family relationships, because they un-empower you.

As you make a win-win agreement, you also connect a "loop" in the Free Power Source invention. Actually, there are two loops. One connects down through the lowest level, which is the battery storage for our power base. The other goes up, to the twelfth level, with is our connection to our Creator.

Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future agreements. As you make your choices, a spark of energy is given off, which propels you forward to enable both to reach their goals. This represents the cooperation of nature.

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