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Technology mimics nature. We are introducing three interrelated inventions that parallel the life-partnership relationship, which can be a marriage relationship or business. A life-partnership is based on having the same goal, and one's vocation is the other's vocation. Each mentors the other, which allows both to function on a far higher level.

Your power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you have done, and you rise and fall in power by the choices you make. The Intuitive Computer demonstrates that we always have three choices, to go up, down or straight ahead or to ignore the crisis. The Light Source invention demonstrates how to keep in balance and to overcome the oppressive effects of power games, which can un-empower us. The Free Power Source invention demonstrates the power associated with making win-win agreements within all your relationships.

To create the life you want, every relationship must be resolved.

The Free Power Source Invention

Side View

The Free Power Source invention has twelve levels, like a twelve-story building, that parallel the twelve chakras. The seven lower levels parallel the seven chakras within the body, and the other five parallel the five kingdoms outside the body: Our Creator (God), elementals, aliens, animals and plants.

The lowest level works like a battery to gather and to store energy, just as the oceans do for the planet. The saline solution contains minerals, which work like electrolytes, and if they are out of balance, the capacity to store energy is debilitated. (We are also introducing the Ocean Symposium, which protects the oceans from technology that has the potential to upset the mineral balance in the oceans.)


Each of the twelve levels is a circular platter that contains spirals that follow the path of the Fibonacci spirals, which are based on the cooperation of nature principles. Every time you make a win-win agreement, it gives off a spark of energy, which travels through conduits located on the platter. The energy is stored in the lowest level.

The lowest level of the invention represents your relationship with your family. If your family has been torn apart, or you have been un-empowered by family relationships, you must regain your power before you can go forward to create your life. To "recharge your life," you must first make win-win agreements with family members so that everyone can go forward to create their life. This works on every level, including amongst nations. Every relationship must be resolved.

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