The Source of the World Peace Plan

Over half the population of the planet has prayed for world peace, and so the spiritual hierarchy has come to show us what must be done to bring it about.

Lady Gaia

Lady Gaia is aware that people have been calling for help, and she strives to help us all know that we are her beloved children. When you call to her, she not only hears your cries for help, but sends her angels to your assistance. One thing she desires is for her children to know that they are never alone. Her love for all is unconditional. She does not judge, but allows her children to ask for what they need.

She gives her children more than what they ask for! If you ask for peace, not only will you receive it, but she will give you peace and prosperity and unconditional love. All is in perfect order, she reassures us. She is our Earth Mother and Universe Mother, and we are never separated from her except by our own will.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is an emotional healer who helps people to break the ties to the past that prevent them from accepting the understanding that they are part of God. He wields a blue sword to cut the chains from past traumas that hold people back, and uses stories as teaching tools that make one think. Michael has been working with groups all across the world to prepare for peace. He has legions of angels at his beckon call to help him with his work.


Seth has been attending the prayer circle for several years and teaching us how to find our purpose in life. He tells us that we are capable of doing whatever we choose and having whatever we want out of life. Then it is our responsibility to find a way to amend and change what it is in life that we do not wish to continue to experience. If we are steadfast in resolve, we continue to grow and experience life as we wish to live it.

Seth has been teaching students of spirituality through Jane Roberts, who lived her life in New York state, and who was a gifted medium— or channel. She and Seth wrote several books together, and led a group of students through some very profound lessons. Together they are famous for making spirituality a subject that has changed people's lives. Together they wrote and published several books that to this date have sold seven million books, and after thirty years are still popular books. Seth continues his teaching through Suzeranda. Jane Roberts, too, has been assisting Suzeranda to become a full-body channel.

When you read the books, you find them to be easy to comprehend, since he is capable of teaching to any audience. The Truth that he teaches is deep and causes one to think in a new way, with a new perspective and understanding. Not only is he a great teacher, but he can teach college-level understandings on many subjects. He told us when you have a million years to prepare, you cover just about everything!

Now Seth has been helping the group become prepared for the work they are doing to bring peace, to create the One World Government, and to heal the rifts that have been plaguing mankind and causing so many troubles across the world.


Some of the other entities who have come to teach are I Am That I Am, the male aspect of God, and the Devas, who are the elementals and nature spirits responsible for bringing God's life and consciousness to the plants and animals on earth.

The concept of God speaking to mankind is the basis for the major religions of of world. Religion is based on Universal Law, which applies to all people. This organization does not dictate on culture or religion, but approaches our relationship with our Creator through Universal Law. Please feel free to keep your spiritual beliefs.

Please note: The biographies of these entities were channeled by the entities themselves.