Intellectual Property Agreement

Our organization does not sell our intellectual property, including ideas, copyrights, trademarks and real estate, but it becomes "publically owned." In other words, benefits everyone involved, including the entire world and its contents, through participation of all parties in the Framework. The Framework consists of legal, financial, moral, ethical, and spiritual agreements between all parties concerned so everyone is able to function on a higher — relatively speaking — level. The last statement implies an agreement by all parties to share existing resources, and does not imply future or potential properties or capacities.

When a party, consisting of individuals with expertise, implied or explicit, desires to rent, utilize or peruse our intellectual property, such as books, newsletters, scripts, lectures or teaching materials, or other published materials, for their own use, remuneration must be agreed upon to enable a flow — a return — to be created. In other words, to participate in the actions of the Framework.

An example would be to lease our scripts for the Unity Play. Should a Body, an institution or otherwise, desire to present the plays, request in writing the lease for their own benefits, or that of the people — entities — it represents, remuneration is set as follows to allow our organization to create a flow. We provide the scripts and expertise, in the form of advice and counsel (created by our own presentation of the material for the benefit of the existing institutional capacity) to benefit leasors in the use of the published materials. As the play, or presentation in the form of cinema, stage production, or electronic media is created and presented, our organization requires remuneration as decided and agreed upon by our financial board, in agreement with our corporate body.

Please be aware that to hold this material to oneself, contrary to the established principles, constitutes a breach of this agreement. The purpose for this material to be shared in this intended capacity is to teach the principles the organization stands on, and the breach of this agreement will be prosecuted with the full extent of the law.

Disbursement of the Income from the Lease of the Intellectual Property

  • 25% of the income funds the organization projects.
  • 25% of the income goes directly to fund the Conference, the Departments or to set up the international government.
  • 25% of the income goes to promote the welfare of the people of the individual countries — goes back to the people, such as through government welfare programs — basically to fund the advisors through the advisor catalogs.
  • 25% is divided amongst the people who act or are involved in the production of the presentation, including the projects depicted in the presentation.

For example, if the presentation has income of $100 million —

  • $25 million will go to fund the creation of the fifty organization projects.
  • $25 million will go to fund the conference in Europe, the departments of the international government, and to the international government.
  • $25 million will go to the governments to create the programs in the country, such as factories to produce the Free Power Source invention, or the Flight Mentoring Program to train pilots.
  • $25 million will go to the people who fund, produce and act in the production.

The World Peace Organization for the One World Government

©2007, The World Peace Organization for the One World Government