The Rapture— End of the World?

Karen Holmes:

Many people are concerned about the Christian concept of the Rapture, and the prophecies concerning this time period, and wonder if mankind is facing the end of the world. I would like to clarify any misunderstandings based on the teachings we received at our prayer circle about this time period, and offer a solution to the horrific crises mankind is facing.

Rapture is another name for Armageddon. Some people interpret Armageddon to be a location in Israel, and that there will be a major battle there. We were taught thatArmageddon means, "the silly things people do," and the silly things are associated with the end of a cycle, including the end of life crisis.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride, Envy, Greed, Lust, Anger, Sloth and Gluttony.

The silly things are the compensatory games people play to get their life on a higher level. There are seven games, and they are known as the Seven Deadly Sins. All are based on a sense of lack, such as lack of power, success, respect, compassion or equality, and the three fears associated with that sense of lack: loss, death and failure. Governments generally play only five games. They lead to war, genocide, massacre, slavery and human rights violations, and terrorism. These sins are considered deadly because their ultimate conclusion is that people die. The games are oppressive, and they always lead to a backlash. It takes a while for the backlash to arrive, so people don't associate the game with the backlash.

A power game ends when it is played on an innocent person, and it achieves the opposite effect. If you grab for power by putting another down, you lose power. Then the dilemma is how can you get power if the power grab doesn't work? It is like hitting a brick wall. It is like walking forward to a door, and on the other side of the door is your dream life, what you have been working to achieve all your life, but instead of your dream life, you open the door and you see a brick wall. This is not bad, what is bad is how you may respond.

For more information about how to recognize the Seven Deadly Sins, we would like to refer you to "Outline Series on Creativity," or insights published at Suzeranda.Org

People die when they believe they can't get their dream life, and so unless someone who has successfully overcome this same crisis demonstrates how to come away from it, speaking from his or her own experience, the person will die. This occurs every day on the individual level. It is the end of life crisis. All the games are reaching their ultimate conclusion, which is why these are called the "end times."

At the point of the Brick Wall, it was one small step for you, equating two ideas that should not have been equated, but that last step was a major leap for others who watched you walk forward. As you walked forward, your perspective narrowed, and theirs was the wider perspective that told them your plan wasn't going to work. But, you cannot make another individual understand that what they are doing won't work.

An example of this on the international level is the preemptive strike against Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein. The United States has been relying on regime change for many years to gain control of natural resources and strategic locations, but the preemptive strike went against international and federal law, and so it was perceived as a power grab. It triggered a backlash—the United States lost power— and a series of ripples have gone out from it that will draw in every person on the planet.

The Brick Wall is being in a dilemma with two choices and neither is tenable. The unseen third choice is the middle ground, which encompasses both. The solution to any dilemma is to do what is in everyone's best interest. Someone who has successfully overcome the crisis leads the way. A good example of this is Alcoholics Anonymous, and their 12 step program. A recovered alcoholic is the best teacher for someone first starting to turn his or her life around.

Mankind is Evolving Out of War and Genocides

Another way to look at Armageddon is from the scientific perspective. Basically, everything is made of energy, and functions at a certain frequency. The Earth is evolving to the higher frequencies. As people face the point of the Brick Wall, they are saying "enough is enough." Mankind is evolving out of war and genocide and massacres, and embracing—and demanding— the higher frequencies of tolerance and empowerment.

Before mankind could evolve, we had to reach the point where people would let go of all the things we no longer wish to experience. For example, on September 11, 2001, when the World Trade Center in New York was attacked, many people realized they would no longer tolerate terrorism. The games are oppressive to the people, and so people are saying, "enough is enough!"

When people stand to protest oppressive power games, they must offer a plan that stands on the root cause of the crisis or it makes it worse. The plan must do what is in everyone's best interest. This is why our organization is offering the World Peace Plan, because it functions on a higher level than the power games ever could, and leaves no one out of the benefits of the plan.

People say history repeats itself. Everything moves in cycles. Armageddon is occurring now on a planetary scale. In the beginning of 2008, all the cycles started to line up, and so everyone is facing the end time of the cycles. We are facing a billion year cycle (imagine one billion years!).... A million year cycle... A 270,000 year cycle... Mankind is replaying all the major historical events. The cycles spiral upward, and so they are not as devastating as in previous cycles, but combined, this is a very difficult time period for mankind.

Moment of Choice for Mankind

Change only occurs easily at the beginning or end of a cycle, so mankind is at the point of choice, when we can rise to a very high level, ignore the crises, or devolve deeper into the games. If mankind chooses to go up, world peace will come. If we choose as a planet to ignore the crises, we will pass them on to future generations, and it will take seven generations to undo the damage. Going down is to devolve into a global genocide.

This is the point of Choice for mankind. Will mankind choose to go up, down or straight ahead?

The Tribulations

This time period involves severe testing, of facing the fear that you can't get the life you want. Ripple after ripple of effects have gone out. The first was Iraq War that drew in the protestors, but their voices were not regarded. The second is the economic crises destabilizing the global economy. Next is that people's lives are being affected. The economic crisis means cutting social programs that will cause more crises. The prophecy were received is that seven crises in all will devastate mankind, all based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Many people will face pancreatic cancer. Leukemia and autism. Major earthquakes and tsunamis will hit many places around the world. Babies and young children will die from no apparent cause. Premature aging, even among young people. These things occur on individual levels or communities and regions, but these will occur globally. All of these crises are the ultimate conclusion of the games people play. The games are ending. The old paradigm based on the games is ending, not the planet. People are being squeezed to let go of the old paradigm and to embrace the new.

The solution to the tribulations is the plan for world peace, and the teachings of how to create the life you want. It comes down to the point where there is only one choice. Mankind can devolve into global war or pass the crises onto future generations. Neither is tenable, and leads to global devastation. The proposed international government will guarantee individual rights to create your life without interference, and our organization's teachers will offer instruction and assistance in how to overcome the tribulations.

Overcoming the Tribulations

World peace is actually quite simple to achieve. Everyone must function from his or her own capacity, and make win-win agreements. Teaching the principles on a global basis is a monumental undertaking, so we are working first within our organization to teach our independent members how to function based on the new paradigm—the cooperation of nature— each from their own area of expertise. Each family is parallel to a nation, and as we go through our tests, and pass them, we are helping that nation through its crisis. As we become advisors, we can speak from our own experience on how to solve the crises. We are creating a pool of people who will have successfully overcome the tribulations. As each assumes responsibility for one of our projects, it helps to solve the crises, starting from the most general levels to the specific. We have secondary projects, such as healing rifts, to help to end the earth changes, and our teams will go out to work alone or with the local population.

As people face the tribulations, the backlashes from the games, and are squeezed to let go of the games, they are being drawn into the organization. Our marketing strategy functions like a portal to draw people through into the new paradigm. They are joining the debate on each of the projects. People wish to participate in the projects—join the debate— and these initial projects explain how to overcome the tribulations and walk forward to create the life you want. There is no need to suffer the full effects of the crises. Others will have gone through the door first, and will demonstrate to you how to deal with the crisis. For example, in the past, if your child came down with leukemia, it completely devastated your family for months. Now it will still be difficult, but the simple solution will be there to draw your family out of the dance that caused it, and into conflict resolution. The structure is there to enable everyone to function on a higher level.

Our organization has an abundance of information on how to create the life you want:

  1. Insights from our spiritual guides, free online at Suzeranda.Org
  2. Published books and booklets that take you step by step from crisis to the life you have dreamed about from On The Rainbow Peace Store

As our independent members walk forward and assume responsibility for their own projects, they will become advisors and offer the benefits to the governments of the world.

Everyone on the planet is born with a blueprint in his or her heart for the perfect life. This is fulfilling your purpose in life. Each of us was born with talents and gifts, and all the resources we need to fulfill our purpose. By relying on the power games, and facing backlashes, we began to fear that we couldn't get our dream life. Power games don't have the capacity to enable us to get our life. The only way to create the life you want is by making a series of win-win agreements. It is possible to make win-win agreements with anyone on the planet. The question then becomes what do you have, and who has what you need? This is the cooperation of nature.