Master Kuthumi on Universal Law

The First Law of the Universe is that all Substance belongs to the One Creator. I see things as being of One Substance. This means that whatever exists in any form is One. There can be nothing that is outside of the One, by definition.

When you see something that appears to be outside of the One, it is Illusion, and does not exist. Therefore, we are all One, including God, the animal and plant kingdoms, the elementals, the spiritual hierarchy, such as angels, archangels, melchizedeks, and all the rest that do not participate in this third dimension, but in others. You are part of all that exists, and cannot be apart from it by definition.

The Second Universal Law is that of Manifestation. This means that you are not only part of the creation but you also participate in the creation itself. As part of the Substance, by definition, you are capable of being the outcome of it.

The next Universal Law is that you and all others are part of the Principle of Creation, that certain Universal Laws apply to all, that nothing can happen without all of the parts being part of it and aware of it and benefiting from it. This implies that all are responsible for the creation.

You are also responsible for the uncreating of that which does not suit you anymore. This implies responsibility of choice, not blame or error. All parts of the Creator and Creation are subject to Divine Will, which implies the highest good for all of the creation. It is the desire of the Creator to know itself, so it created the next Universal Law, which is Free Will.

The final Universal Law is Free Will. Free-Will implies responsibility to create, and to be aware of what is created. I see that all people have the right to create for themselves what they will, but not at the expense of other's rights to create for themselves. No one has the right to infringe on the rights of others. This implies that you will create only the highest good for all, but that highest good is subject to Principle and to Law and Judgment, which implies that there can be something outside of God. Again Illusion, but to understand Illusion is to understand your connection to God and the duality. A part is not the whole, but it is part, therefore it is the same Substance, but not the same.

Be aware that you bear responsibility for what you create, but not judgment, and therefore you must uncreate what you have created without stigma or blame. There is no judgment by the Creator, but there is responsibility. Do not worry about the definition of this, because it will take eons to understand this, and it makes for delightful discussions, because no one is right, and all people work at the highest level they are capable of understanding.

Master Kuthumi is the World Teacher along with Jesus Christ in this new Millennium.