The Faith of the Pure Ray

What is "The Faith of the Pure Ray?"

Each of the seven major religions teaches one segment of the information necessary to create the life you want. In the Faith of the Pure Ray, they come together into one spiritual body. In one building, the clergy from each religion will teach the principles of his or her religion. As students learn to create the life they want, they will progress through the segments.

  • Jesus of Nazareth taught "the plan"
  • Moses taught how to bring in the people
  • Gautama Buddha taught the support
  • Prophet Muhammed taught the principles
  • Rama taught security
  • Confucius taught capacity
  • Lao Tzu taught tolerance and empowerment

Each of the seven major religions also plays one favorite power game, and the games are tearing apart the planet. In this project, we are applying the principles and working to undo the damage. More

Drawing of the building:

  • 1st floor: Public classrooms and offices
  • 2nd floor: Administration
  • 3rd floor: Teacher training

Segment Projects

Christianity: Catholic Church in America

Judaism: Genocide Museum and First Church of the Faith of the Pure Ray

Buddhism: The California Community Property Law

Islam: Catholic Church in America Ends Terrorism Caused by the Crusades

Hinduism: Becoming the President of the United States

Confucianism: "You Will See"

Taoism: An International Government Based on Fair and Equitable Practices

Global Holidays

Christ-Mass (December Solstice)
Celebrate the spirit of Creativity!

faith of the pure ray

Lady Gaia and I Am That I Am
Jesus, Moses, Gautama Buddha, Muhammed, Rama, Confucius, Lao Tzu
Karol Wojtyla,
introduction by Saddam Hussein,
and Jeff Miller and Karen Holmes

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