Genocide Museum:
Zurich, Switzerland

Reclaiming Estates of Jews
Killed in the Holocaust

Prior to the Holocaust of World War II, countless Jews placed their valuables in Swiss bank accounts, but many estates remain unclaimed because there were no survivors. This has become a dilemma the Swiss must address. Who has the rights to the estates?

The reputation of the Swiss banking system is more valuable than the estates themselves. To claim right of ownership would undermine the system.

Our plan is that if a channel—a prophet—can provide the necessary information, that those accounts be opened and the items be placed into a museum to demonstrate the terrible loss of the potential of the Jews who were killed. All currency will be sold in the form of donations, exchanged into Euros, and the money will pay for the building of the museum.

Zurich, Switzerland

genocide museum

The museum will be located next to the
Church of Faith of the Pure Ray

The building will be cylindrical with an open courtyard. Visitors will walk from room to room along a spiral ramp.


Definition of "Genocide"

The Genocide Museum
is a project of
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government