Becoming President of the United States

The process of becoming president of the United States has become focused on raising money. This organization project falls under the principles of Hinduism, which addresses the issue of security. The ultimate conclusion of basing the election process on contributions is that the field of candidates is limited to the wealthy rather than a plan with the capacity to solve problems, and the candidates can become controlled by the highest contributers.

Under the proposed international government, we recommend an election process that enables anyone to run for president and to win so long as he or she is able to solve the voter's problems. Candidates will run for office on the local level, and the winner of that election will then run on the state level, and then the regional and the national levels. Non-profit organizations can host debates, and newspapers can run articles that offer the platforms, with no charge to the candidates. With each election, the candidates must address the issues of that level and offer viable plans to solve the problems, enlisting the people to assist in the resolution process.

The responsibility for handling both the national and international aspects of the presidency is too great for one individual, and so under the proposed international government, each nation will have an international president that handles only international issues, and a national president that only handles the national issues, and they will stand back to back. The international U.S. president must be able to represent the interests of the United States in the proposed international government.

The creation of the international government requires the United States to first purify the U.S. legal system to prevent the practices that have created chaos in our country from spreading onto the international level. The election process is a good place to begin because every nation that joins the proposed international government must also choose or elect their own national and international presidents.

Becoming President of the United Sates
is a project of
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government

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