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January 15, 2005

Dear Friends of Peace:

Pancreatic cancer is a serious disease that will affect more and more people as the fear of death and loss continue to spread. This disease can be characterized by three belief structures based on two fears: the fear of loss and the fear of death. In our last newsletter I mentioned that Vera and Evelyn would be giving talks or lectures, and that these would be on how to resolve the issues related to this disease, to go on to create the life you want.

The most important thing to understand is that it is possible to cure any disease.It is likely that many people will not be able to do so, so the purpose for this first part of the lecture is to explain to you that it is possible, and to tell you that there are certain individuals who will be going out as teachers to explain how this can be resolved.

Both Vera and Evelyn had circumstances in their lives — and there is no judgment on this. Suzeranda was told that two individuals of the group were going to cross over and she was horrified to learn that it was her two most loyal members of the group who had done so. Yet, at the same time, these individuals are returning now with the information they gleaned from Seth (me) and from Archangel Michael in his school, so that they can return from this side to resolve the conflicts they had in their own life.

You could see that if there is a fear of death, that many people will consider that death relates to the end of everything they understand, but it is possible to continue on with your work. Those people who cross over are, in fact and in deed, returning to help you with your own life. Your relationships never end. Love and family continue on, although it changes. Relationships change. It isn't always necessary that they maintain the same format, the same set of criteria that they had before. Love continues on.

You will also learn that you indeed do have the capacity to create the life that you want, so before I go on to introduce Evelyn and her small speech, I would like to say her first lecture is being placed on the web page today and it will be available for those who would like to go into greater depth.

Two individuals have been set aside as replacement teachers. Suzeranda will write a letter to these individuals this afternoon to ask them if they would be willing to teach what their mothers are teaching. Both are channels, and both are capable of making a connection with their mother and to assume responsibility for this, but whether they do it or not is their choice, and the choice is being offered to them at this time. So be it and so it is.


Vera came and told you in the last newsletter that many people are facing pancreatic cancer. A moment ago I channeled a discussion about how the fear of loss and the fear of death culminate at times in pancreatic cancer, depending on the circumstances and the beliefs, and if you address the issues related to the fears you can overcome it. Seth and Archangel Michael are helping us learn how to deal with this.

Fear is something that is very difficult to face. By looking at your fears you face, probably, the most difficult thing you will ever do. They say raising children is hard, but facing your fears is much harder, because if you look at the fear of loss and you have reached the brick wall, you have come to the point where you must choose whether you will let go of this life and go on to the next, or begin to create a new set of circumstances for yourself, and that takes courage. It takes courage when your family is torn apart and it seems like there is no way to bring people into line so that they can agree. How can you do this? If it is a matter of not feeling like you have the capacity to do something, standing up and making a statement that you will do it can be very difficult.

I watched Suzeranda struggle through her years of homelessness to create the organization, and I was astounded that she could walk forward even when she had absolutely nothing. The fear of having no money was clearly painted on her face. It etched her face with lines and aged her prematurely because she had no where to go and no one to turn to. Each day, moment by moment, she was facing her fears. But yet, at the same time, she learned that by sharing with others what she knew and following those steps, that she could indeed make it happen. While it has taken a long time to do it, she faced her fears and overcame them, and now each time she faces a sense of homelessness or a sense of being dead broke and wondering where the money was going to come from, it is always there for her to do it. She is building momentum, building steam, and as she helps other people, she faces those fears, and she has learned the tools to make it happen. So let's use her as an example today to show you how by looking at your fear of loss and fear of death you can overcome any obstacle.

She faced the idea that her family had turned against her, and that hurt really bad. She would go and stay with a friend for a while and that friend was facing his or her own fears, also, and so she could only stay a moment in her set of experiences before they were overwhelmed with their own.

The fear of loss builds walls between you and another person. If you have been hurt by a lover, by a spouse, it is hard to be married again, and this is where I was. If you have been hurt by a child, you build up walls and won't let anyone come in. You fear intimacy. You fear being hurt again. The ultimate conclusion of fear is you push someone away, you can no longer trust anyone to come in, and the wall becomes so high that no one ever comes in. You die alone, you could say, with no chance of it.

You may go from individual to individual, like Suzeranda did, only under different circumstances, and try to build up trust, but you can't make it happen. After a while, you may become desperate.

How many old men, for example... Suzeranda has had many proposals of marriage because they see her as being someone who is warm and caring to them. She has had several proposals from men who don't even know her name! They don't even know how to differentiate her from Barbara. They are so desperate that they will hold onto anybody, even somebody they don't know. Then once they get to know her, they discover she is an individual in her own right and then they either push or pull — to hold on or to let go.

If you are desperate and looking for your next relationship, another individual who is just as desperate will come along, but that relationship is doomed because it is not based on a mutual trust. Those bonds are not strong enough to last the test of time.

I would like to look at how you can address this issue of intimacy and the fear of intimacy.

It is not necessary to be married to create the life you want. Trust can be built up over the years by your friends. Even if you can't get a marriage proposal in the works, can't you depend on your longstanding friends to give you a sense of intimacy? You can share common bonds because of common experiences. If you are two old people, like Vera and me, who have had their families torn apart by traumatic experiences or by distance or by their kids going off to college and have their own lives... Vera and I sat in my living room and talked about the bonds that we have, which are spiritual bonds, and we are still together now, working together because of those bonds. Intimacy can be created first through a platonic friendship, and then once you understand that those bonds through friendship are there, then you can go on to say that you have a common bond through work. You are both in the same field, for example, a man and a woman working in one career have the same understanding. Say, accountants who work together, and every January through April 15 they have no life. The marriage of an accountant with someone whose career doesn't mesh with that doesn't appreciate how hard it is those first few months of the year. You could say, if you have been hurt, maybe the idea is to find someone first who you can trust because they have been through the same experience and they won't hurt you.

There was a movie on television about a doctor who came down with cancer of the throat. His wife couldn't appreciate the experience of facing that fear. He became friends with a woman who also had cancer. At first his relationship with his wife wasn't close, but because of the intimacy he was able to develop with the other cancer victim, when the cancer victim passed on, he was able to go back and have a closer relationship with his wife. You see, it is not necessary to have the relationship right at the moment; you can build towards it step by step and stage by stage, by first building intimacy and trust with the people around you who have had shared experiences. What if both people love the same person, but they are no longer friends? Suzeranda is in the situation with her own family. She can build trust with other people, and then learn to trust them, and they can do the same toward her.

Fear of death can lead to the same crisis, where you no longer feel you can get your life. In my lecture this morning I explained how it is possible to create the life you want, not necessarily on this side, but it may be on the other side. Death can also lead to a new life, you could say. A new life on the other side with those who have gone on before you. This is where the planet is going. You are creating a new life on the other side, and this is how The World Peace Organization for the One World Government is going on. It is allowing the whole planet to progress into the new level, where you are indeed creating the life you want.

Suzeranda had to face this fear of not being able to create her life. How did she have the capacity to bring world peace, the fear of not being able to bring everyone into alignment? Two hundred individuals will eventually be involved with this, and how could she bring... it is like herding cats! Dave Lovell says it is like herding cats. How do you herd cats when they are so independent and they have claws?! — just like you have claws and are independently trying to get the life you want. When you woke up this morning you didn't know you would be considered a cat — with claws ‐ an independent personality!

For you to get the life you want, it can't come through independence. It can't come by pushing people away because you are afraid you can't trust them. At some point in time you have to build up common bonds in order to work to make your life happen. You can't do it by yourself. As Seth said in the newsletters, you must begin to follow and create your Flower of Life pattern. You have something they need and they have something you need. And creating these common bonds of trust between you, you can start to do that. The first stage is to overcome this idea that you have to be independent and that you have to push people away. Then you can start to create the life you want.

ęCopyright 2009, Karen Holmes
Last revised: July 22, 2013