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We are asking for case histories of pancreatic cancer patients to prove our theory that pancreatic cancer is caused by three log-jammed belief structures. "What you believe is what is." If you are willing to share your story with us, please read the insights, and then contact us through the contact page or by mail. We will add your story to this site.

The Root Cause of Pancreatic Cancer

"Cancer is an issue that is out of control;
heal the issue and heal the cancer."

Actually, pancreatic cancer is three issues that are out of control. They log-jam, and if you resolve one of the issues, you no longer have pancreatic cancer.

  • An issue related to compassion.
  • An issue related to capacity.
  • Something — an event — comes along that makes you believe you can't get your life.

Once you understand the root cause of a crisis, it is possible to resolve it through the Planning Process.

Doctors are looking for a cure in the laboratory, but if it is caused by three log-jammed ideas, it won't be found in the lab, and surgical procedures won't cure it, but give patients time to address issues to affect a complete cure. So we are introducing this theory and opening it for debate, asking for your help, and then we will turn the case histories over to the doctors to teach the idea. We need people to learn about the theory, apply it in their own life, and then share what you are doing with others so we can prove this works.

This information is channeled information from the spiritual hierarchy, and it offers insights into the root cause of pancreatic cancer, and also the planning process to carry the cure all the way to fruition. The insights are offered to you to help you overcome this crisis. The information found in our published materials, both at On The Rainbow Peace Store and on our personal development page, explain how you can get the life you want.

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