The Pancreatic Cancer Project

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How this all came about...

Karen Holmes, GDH.

I was a dental hygienist for many years, and it was my responsibility to review the patient's medical history. I started to notice a correlation between the patient's dental disease and the crisis in his or her life. I noticed, for example, patients with lichen planus have the same way of dealing with their stress; they shake their fist like Scarlett O'Hara from "Gone With The Wind," and deal with their crisis later.

People with heart problems have "problems of the heart." I noticed women who have breast cancer have issues related to nurturing.

Then I had three dear friends pass away from pancreatic cancer. I was struck by the fact that all three had a similar family crisis, but I didn't have the credibility to convince them of the connection. I wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper asking anyone who had pancreatic cancer, or with any knowledge of it, to contact me. There were eleven responses, and each confirmed my observations.

Vera and Evelyn were core members of our prayer circle, and both passed away from pancreatic cancer. We had not addressed pancratic cancer at the prayer circle, and by the time they were facing their crises, the circle had disbanded. They returned to channel their insights, speaking from their own experience, to help others overcome this horrific disease.

ęCopyright 2009, Karen Holmes
Last revised: July 22, 2013