The World Peace Organization for the One World Government

The Philippines: Peace Through Unity in Diversity

Blessings to you from the spiritual hierarchy, and from the World Peace Organization for the One World Government!

This proposal will trigger certain events within your country in order that world peace on a national basis can come to your country.

Your country has been torn apart by war and by various factions that have been attempting to control aspects. For peace to come, each person and each part or section of your country must be approached as equal and be treated fairly. I would like to tell you that the present form of government is working to oppress the people by economic sanctions leveled against the peoples who are opposing the present government, but for peace to come, all people must have a voice—must have a say—in their government and to be allowed to participate in it.

When one of the peoples is oppressed in any form, it can only last for a short period of time and then there must be some form of balancing act. Under Universal Law, which is the law instated by the Creator of us all, each individual on the planet is guaranteed certain rights. The governments of the world, in order to gain prestige or power or more control on an international basis, allow certain inequities to occur within their country, and this prevents our Creator-given rights to be expressed.

We have a right, as individuals living on this planet—each person has a right—to create the life we choose. This proposal will enable your country to begin to compete on an international basis more as equals with the industrialized nations.

You have natural resources. Your location is ideal for transportation purposes. There are harbors and an ideal industrial base. You have a population that is well educated and capable of competing due to the mixed ethnic populations, and so you have a wider perspective and a mixed history that enables you to be more fair and equal. At the same time, because you have been oppressed by other countries in the past, in your history, many of your people are un-empowered and not living up to their potential.

All of these factors work within your country to prevent your population from living the life they are capable of living. You have “rifts” within your country, which are tears within the energy fabric of your lands. Before your peoples can stand shoulder to shoulder as equals with the industrialized nations and to assume your full potential, you must heal these rifts. Our organization has the capacity to show your country what it can do, and to teach your populations what they can do, in order to reach your full potential.

I will look at various aspects of your country in this proposal and approach some of the changes that you can make within your country in order to bring peace and prosperity to your population, and to enable you to take on the role of leadership, at times, in bringing world peace.

Our organization has one member who is originally from the Philippines. She married a man who brought her to the United States and she has done quite well in creating a business and creating the life she would like to live. Now she returns to her country of origin under the auspices of the organization in order to introduce to her family and friends from the past, and her former government, to enable her peoples of origin the understandings that she gained, in order to assist them to live the life they would like to live. This is a gift that she would like to bestow upon you, and so we have given her the opportunity to do this as part of the work of our organization. The first thing I would like to address is your economy.

In the past, as I said, these rifts, which are tears in the energy fabric of the planet, have left a sense of helplessness and hopelessness and futility amongst your population. For this to be turned around and to enable your population to move forward, these rifts must be healed. Whenever there has been a war or massacre or turbulence, these rifts occur, and besides leaving the sense of helplessness and hopelessness in the population, and prevent people from living the life they would like to live, they can also cause severe weather patterns within your country and volcanic eruptions. These are “acts of nature” that your country has experienced in the past—severe weather patterns and severe natural disasters. And so, by first attempting to resolve this issues from the past and to heal these past events, so you can begin to enable your population to move forward and to start to create the life they would like to live.

The Internet has been established across the planet. Our organization recommends that nations utilize this marvelous invention to give the populations of the world an opportunity to begin to live the life they would like to live. Each person on the planet has talents and gifts that their are capable of using, and by using them creatively they can start to create this life. By working together on an individual basis or within families and friends, by sharing these talents and gifts they can begin to create businesses.

But, your country is very far removed, being in the middle of the ocean as it is, from other countries, and to market what your people produce, should they create businesses or services, it could be considered very difficult. Our organization at the present time is introducing the idea of creating an international government based on fair and equitable practices, and one of the benefits that your country would gain by participating in this international government is the right to have the departments associated with this international government to come—specifically the Department of Commerce—and they will assist your population in creating these individual businesses and services and help them to market them over this Internet.

It is possible for individuals who have personal computers and Internet access, through Internet Service Providers or by having Internet cafe’s or small businesses who specialize in web page productions, to help these small businesses, which could be considered the backbone of your economy, since they make up the majority of the creative aspects of the economy, and by working though this Internet access you can allow your country to prosper.

It would be safe to say, in the past, that most governments of the world encouraged an industrial base at the expense of the small businesses.

But, in the era of this international government, manufacturers must have an environmentally safe process or manufacturing facility because the world is a closed ecosystem, and what you do to one aspect of the world, in terms of pollution, affects the whole globe. The international Department of the Environment will come to your country to ensure that your peoples are not exposed to pollution, and whatever pollution has been introduced into the environment must be responsibly taken care of and cleaned up. The small businesses will be assuming responsibility for the backbone of your economy as the major corporations made responsible, as the environmental laws are upheld.

One other aspect to approach is that for peace to come, each individual must be allowed to live the life he or she would like to live, and another aspect of this is that if working on an assembly line basis or in a big factory as manual labor, this is not conducive to allowing your population much free rein in terms of creativity. It becomes manual labor that is drudgery and boring, and very stressful. Many of the protests in your country come because there is no sense of being able to have the life they would like to live. It is in your best interest as a government working to uphold your status on an international basis to allow your population to create the life they would like to live. Whatever you can do to uphold this right in your population will enable you to move forward on an international basis.

Our organization is working to introduce this international government based on fair and equitable practices, and the amount of power you have is dependent on a stable, sound economy. This international government will provide rights for your people, and one of these rights that we will ensure your population to have is the right to leave your country should they consider their government to be oppressive in any way.

On the surface, you could say this would be not that much of a problem. But, on an international basis, each country’s power will be based on population, and if your people consider you to be oppressive in any way or that economically they are not able to live the life they would like to live within the borders of your country, then they will leave and you will lose power or clout within this international government.

The last thing that I would like to approach is transportation and shipping lanes to your country. Each country is autonomous within this international government, and no other country has a right to come into your country and tell you what to do. In the past, because of your central location, it was ideal for you to harbor military bases, but in this era of the international government, military bases will not be required and there will be no outside influences. It will be up to you to support yourself on an economic basis and to have autonomous control over your own populations without outside influence.

The international government—its departments—will come in as advisors to help you set up the economy and the shipping lanes and harbors within your country, you could say in Manila, for example, and will enable you on an economic basis, and it will be a wonderful natural resource for you. You will be able to charge shipping companies to support yourself. This international government will come in and show you what resources that you have and to help you to develop them. One of the main resources that you have is your harbors within your island chain. The last thing is to look at how you can turn these natural resources that you have and to find your niche within this international era of peace so that you can compete on an economic basis across the globe.

For peace to come everyone has to be able to live the life they choose. For this session of our discussion I would like to bring up an additional subject that has not been approached in the past. This session will address the concept of how to create peace in your country when there is so much division and separation amongst the ethnic groups and the areas.

For peace to come there must be a sense of an agreement between the peoples, and the only way to bring this about is for you to find a solution where everyone comes out ahead in the matter. Whenever you approach a decision related to your government’s functions or activities, or even within personal life, if your choice is always for the highest good for all people—where everyone comes out ahead—then there is no sense of obstacles. To try to force an issue related to any decision involves the blocks that are created by those people who are not in agreement. This could even come within the individual himself. For peace to come, if your activities involve something where everyone will benefit, then all parts of self are in agreement, and you will discover that what in the past would have been a difficult procedure to instigate now will become simple.

Say, for example, that you have one faction within your population that has been what you deem to be troublemakers. They have consistently blocked efforts for you to accomplish something. Say, for example, you would like to build a road from one city to the next, and oftentimes as you instigate this you go ahead without considering the consequences of how this road affects people. If you bring these people into the discussion and give them a voice about what you are doing and allow them to help in the decision making process, then they are, you could say, assuming responsibility for this project and its completion. Rather than hitting obstacles and blocks to the project it is facilitated by these people. You could discover that there is a very good reason why they are protesting and they have just not been able to voice their protest in the past, or if they did it was not regarded. For peace to come everyone must be able to have a voice.

Terrorist activity comes when someone is not allowed to have a voice. Have you ever been in a situation, for example, on an individual basis, where someone refused to listen to what you have to say? Your voice becomes more strident and louder and you may resort to shouting as a way to be heard. If it continues, and over a segment of the population, for example, this is where the terrorist activity comes from, or a sense of sabotage or assassination, because, basically, you are not allowing those individuals to have a voice or a say in what you are doing.

A government, for it to be successful in functioning at its highest level, needs to listen to the people that it represents. For government to be at its most efficient it must treat all people fairly and to the highest good for all people.

For peace to come there must be a way for you to bring about change within your government in a simple and facilitated manner.

Change is inevitable, and if change is blocked in some way, you may be able to accomplish holding back the inevitable change, but at some point in time—just like a dam holding back water and the water keeps rising—at some point in time the pressure will be released and change will be more violent. If change is inevitable and to hold it back is prohibitive, then possibly the idea is encourage change as long as it benefits all people. If your people have a voice and are encouraged to always strive for improvement or even perfection—although perfection is difficult to impossible to achieve—if you are working toward the highest good for all people, then all people will benefit from it. You will begin to see this creative aspect that I referred to in the past coming about for your people and they will be much happier and content and working with you instead of against you.

Oftentimes those individuals who are the most vocal in protest are the ones who have thought out the issue that they are protesting and these people are the most empowered and thought-provoking in your population. You could say that if change is inevitable and these individuals have been working to protest against unfairness, these people are going to be considered in the future to be your most valued citizens due to the fact that they are willing to fight for what they believe in, and if they are working in association with what you are attempting to create on an international basis, then they will be your allies instead of your enemies.

For peace to come, all people must be in agreement for it to come and must benefit from it. If you attempt to block these individuals from living the life they would like to live, they will protest, but if you are allowing them, and in fact encouraging them to do so, they will be working in alliance with you and everyone will benefit, and your country will prosper from it.

The final thing I would like to discuss at this time is how you can bring about change so that it can benefit all people. By giving each individual a voice, and by allowing them to have a say, and for it to be fair and equitable, this is where peace will come.

“Fair and equitable” means that each individual has a voice that is respected and that when they speak that each voice carries the same amount of weight.

In the international government, each country will be represented in the legislative branch. Just as in the U.S. government, there are two houses in the legislative branch. What our organization is recommending is that fair and equitable practices be established, where, in the House of Representatives, a country’s representation is determined according to population, and this house of the legislative branch creates laws related to the will of the people.

In the Senate, each nation has equal representation depending on what the constitution— (written by representatives by all, or many, of the countries and determining the set up of this government, and open to debate and discussion, and finally all people will have an opportunity to decide if this is the highest good for all people, and if there are protests then it will be rewritten until everyone can agree that is fair and equitable) and this Senate will be based on equal representation no matter how large or small the country is, and this will determine legislation related to the rights of the people.

So you see, a population that is stable and prospering will enable you to have more representation in the international government related to these laws.

The executive branch will enable every country to elect, or chose in whatever manner you desire— election, choice or whatever—you will be choosing a president and a vice president to go to represent your county, and all will be considered equal. These individuals will go for a period of time determined by the constitution, and these individual nation’s presidents will vote with equal powers, and they will vote on the laws that are created in the legislative branch as to whether they are executable or not.

Disputes will be decided in the courts—a court system or judicial system—that is located within the nations. Local courts will decide disputes within the continent, and if there are disputes between continents, there will be Superior courts. If it is determined that a Local Court is not fair, or a dispute cannot be decided, or that it has not been decided to everyone’s determination as fair, or there have been hard feelings in the past within that continent—such as the past experiences with Iraq at the present time as this is being written, there have been hard feelings in the Middle East concerning Iraq and what has happened in the past—and then there will be Appellate court that will decide on a higher level.

Now, the final thing I would like to discuss at this time is the concept of the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court decides whether laws are constitutional. What is remarkable about this court is that an individual has the right to take this international government to court itself to decide whether the laws affecting an individual or a country are constitutional.

Those individuals who are the justices will be nominated by the executive branch and must pass their close scrutiny, and the nomination must be agreed upon by a vote of the legislative branch. Those individuals will be chosen for life terms. The justices will be those who in the past have shown fairness and a sense of equality among all people—possibly the past Nobel Peace Prize winners, for example, or those who have stood out amongst the world’s peoples as those who have been determined to be absolutely fair.

The final thing is that these individuals who are elected to office, if they have been proven to be not upholding their oath of office, then it will be possible to remove them from office by Rule of Law, and so it will be written into the constitution that one individual or one country will not be able to have more power than another.

Next we will discuss other issues relating to bring peace within your country. For peace to come, all people must be in agreement for it to come, and all people must benefit from the decisions that are being made. For peace to come, all people must have a voice and a say in how their government functions. Everyone must be able to create the life they would like to live. It is as simple as that. When every decision you make is working toward these very simple principles, then peace can come quickly and easily because the Universe is working to make this happen. Over the past millennium, there were many power games being played—games of one-upmanship, games where one individual, one company or one country attempted to put their interests above that of all others. It seemed for a while that they would work. For a while things seemed to go their way, but there was always a backlash effect that triggered the downfall of this individual. It appeared that they could get away with what they were doing, but Universal Law is immutable, and never are you able to hide the effects from the Universe—from the Creator, because the Creator is “All That Is.”

So you see, that by turning around the concept of “What you do to another will done to you,” by giving out that which you would like to bring towards you, you start to create a flow or a new set of experiences that work to your advantage. In a way, by giving away what you want, you get what you want. This is the only way that it will work.

Power games during this era of this international government will be fruitless and futile. As people learn to work together and start to bring toward them what they want, the momentum will start to build, and eventually these concepts of what you do to another will be done to you will become very commonplace, and people will begin to appreciate and achieve that which they have always wanted. Until this point, people’s goals and dreams—their dream life, you could say—has been impossible to achieve because the games of one-upmanship have prevented people from getting there. As I said, for a while it seemed to have worked, but then what you hold onto you lose.

“What you do to another will be done to you,” is a common teaching in all the world’s religions.

For a moment I would like to discuss how the world’s religions are a cultural interpretation of Universal Law, and yet, they all say the same thing, but just look at things from a different perspective. Universal Law, as I said, is immutable. There are several Universal Laws that can be looked at with this new interpretation. The Law of Karma, or Cause and Effect says, “What you do to another will be done to you.” This is, in the United States, expressed as the Golden Rule. In the Catholic or Christian religion it is expressed as, “What you do to another will be done to you.” In the New Age or spiritual philosophies it is a matter of Cause and Effect. In the scientific idea it is nothing ever gained or lost in an equation, and it’s also the idea of Cause and Effect. But in a way, all of these concepts say exactly the same thing.

There has been a divergence of belief structures as people have gone out and attempted to create what they wanted to create, and this is fine. But at some point in time, the realization will be made that all of these religions—just like all the languages when you say something like, “I love you,” no matter which language it is said in—it is still says the same thing and the intent behind it is the same thing.

Before I continue on with more specific information related how to create world peace in your country, and for your people, it behooves you to start to consider how diversity and unity can be expressed in your country.

The Creator of us all gives each individual the right to create whatever they want so long as it does not interfere with the right of another to do exactly the same thing. So, the Universe works with us to bring it to us, that which we request of our Creator, or of the Universe. But at the same time, as each individual is creating, using these same concepts, there is a sense of unity as parallel ideas come out. In a way, all nature functions under the same concept of diversity and yet unity, and all working together for the same goal.

How this functions in the international government is each culture and each religion will have the right to express itself in any way it chooses without anyone else’s interference. Yet all are working together to create this unified global economy and government and sense of creativity. It is as if it were a beautiful garden where many diverse species of insects and plants and trees and bushes and animals all live together in peace, but yet they are all separate and unique. Each country and each individual has unique talents and gifts, and by allowing this creativity to be expressed, this is where this wonderful garden concept is allowed to bloom. It takes working together and sharing talents and gifts to make this happen. No one can do this—not one country nor one individual—can do this alone. There must be a sense of cooperation, and the international One World Government that this organization is in the process of introducing the concept of it, and will ensure that each individual and each government and each culture has the right to express itself in any way it chooses so long as it does not interfere with the right of another’s to do the same thing.

The Department of Commerce will uphold your people’s ability to create what they would like— the life that they would like to live—and given an opportunity to do so, your people will take advantage of this. I recommend that you allow this backbone of your economy by way of the small businesses to begin to blossom and function this way.

Your military will be required to stabilize the sense of holding the peace for a period of time, but you will discover that once you allow the peoples and the different ethnic groups and cultures and regions and the factions, if you allow them to each have a say and voice in how your government functions, then peace will naturally come of this.

I recommend that you begin to work to establish this concept within your government and your country by notifying the people that they will be supported in this, by setting up the Internet Service Providers in your country and enabling the people to go online with their ideas. As this is sponsored or supported by the government, you will see that the people will realize that you are indeed supporting and representing them and allowing them to live this life.

Our organization teaches classes on how individuals can create this concept of world peace. Should you choose to accept our plan and proposal, we will come to your country and show you how to do this. We have a group of individuals who have taken this same concept—we are average people— and we have taken the same concept and worked to do this in our own lives. We can share these ideas with your people and allow you to blossom and grow. Some of our teachers in the organization are devoted to creating this international government and they can come and show you how to set this up in your own country. To set up the departments is another option that you have and we will give you. We can teach classes on how to stabilize your economy and how to devote your attentions to making your infrastructure function efficiently and for the highest good for all people.

When we come into your country we do not tell you what you should do, but we encourage you to use these same principles in order to create what you would like to create, and we look at issues from a slightly different perspective.

The last thing that I would like to bring up in this proposal is how you can work on an international basis at the present time.

The United States is also going through changes. The recent and present events with Iraq are showing to the world that the United States no longer maintains that same power structure that it had in the past, and is beginning to crumble to be more equal. At the same time, as the superpowers are crumbling and the third world countries, or the past colonies of the more industrialized countries are starting to rise and to be more equal, there is a sense of equality and empowerment among those nations that need it most. In this era of the international government, this is necessary for peace to come. It will not mean that the superpowers will be intimidating the “lesser advantaged” countries or telling them what to do, but allowing them to grow and to blossom in their own right, and to find their own niche on a global scale.

You could say, in this era of the international government, instead of attempting to create a diplomatic presence in the world, that the international government will take out of the hands the idea of having to do this by making everyone equal and treating everyone fairly, and allowing this to come. In the long run, what will happen is that instead of spending the huge sums of money on a global scale, the attention will be turned into the countries themselves to make the stronger on an economic basis. Instead of competition on a military basis, the nations will be, you could say, turning their attentions inside and starting to find their niche and competing on an economic basis. The rules and the game-playing of the past are things of the past.

When the stroke of midnight on the first of January of the year 2000 occurred and the beginning of this new millennium occurred—and the millennium is a span of years, on a cycles basis and not just that one day or one year, the millennium is a span of years—but this was a turning point in people’s minds, and for one day the wars across the planet stopped and people realized what a momentous occasion that was. As we lived through this one particular day and this moment, we realized that petty concerns of everyday life were minor compared to what was possible to achieve, and that we could leave behind what no longer suited us in the past and strive for something that suited us better. In a way, we became unlimited in what we could create, and now it is up to us to follow through on that idea and hold it sacred in our hearts.

So be it and so it is.

©Copyrights 2007, The World Peace Organization for the One World Government