The World Peace Organization for the One World Government

Peace in the Middle East: The Republic of Iraq

Blessings to you from the spiritual hierarchy and from Suzeranda Melchizedek, who is also known as Karen Holmes, the principal — the head — of the World Peace Organization for the One World Government.

This proposal is being presented to you to enable the governments of the United States and Iraq to come to an amiable conclusion to hostilities between the two countries. At the present time [March 2003], there are warships sailing to Iraq, and as this is being channeled and written, the United Nations has declared that Iraq is attempting to comply with the U.N. sanctions. But before an amiable conclusion can be arrived at, there must be a way to come to an agreement in which all people concerned can benefit.

If you think about it, the only agreement that can come from this is where everyone comes out ahead. If the United States attempts to force the issue past the bounds of diplomatic protocol, so to speak, and what is accepted amongst "civilized nations" — and I consider all nations to be considered part of this for diplomatic purposes and not commenting about a culture — every person involved must be able to live in peace with what is decided.

Should the government of the United States attempt to force the issue, as I said, what will occur is a great backlash from the United Nations and those people who are concerned about future participation in a similar event. So you see, what must come about is an amiable conclusion to this conflict.

Now, the first thing to be aware of as this comes about, to make an agreement that all people find palatable, there must be a solution where everyone's best interest is considered. Each person must have a voice, or have a say, in this. It does no one any good to have one person — and this is a matter of force again — to have one individual or one country dictate the terms and the other country or countries must comply. Each side and each individual must be listened to, and all perspectives be considered valid and aboveboard with no intent to sabotage the procedings or to undermine them, or to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

The second thing to consider is that once people's intent for the highest good for all people comes about, and each individual has his or her perspective respected, then comes to recognize the cultural differences between two sides, and understand that agreement must include a careful look at exactly how this agreement or understanding will come about.

If you say, for example, that one side deems it necessary for a speedy resolution to this conflict, one culture may consider the definition of a "speedy resolution" to be two weeks and everyone walks away from the tables. The other country may consider five years to be a speedy resolution. So you see, for each term and each understanding people must be aware of and look at this from a cultural basis, and for definitions of each word, each person must agree to as the definition for a particular phrase or word.

To go on into this discussion on a deeper level, what would be the incentive for bringing about this so-called "speedy resolution" of hostilites between the countries? First and foremost is the loss of lives that come from the open hostilities between countries.

You could say the loss of respect if the United States is pushing for a resolution that is not in the best interest of anyone but the United States government, and at this present time, there are many people within the United States who are angry and protesting about this war — this "plan for war" — and they are protesting very vocally. At this time, to proceed with the present plan of war would gain the animosity against the United States by many people, and it is not in anyone's best interest to lose the power associated with this conflict.

Now, from the standpoint of the Iraqi government, and Saddam Hussein in particular, if the United States continues with the plan proposed by George Bush, on a personal level, to oust the leadership of Iraq and replace it with leadership more in alignment with the will of the United States government, this will not benefit the people of Iraq, because each country has the right to choose its own leadership. Whether one country has the right to force its will on another country in this "era of peace for the new millennium" is highly debatable.

To go on from this, and to look at other incentives besides the loss of life and respect, what is not necessarily apparent at this time is the far greater benefits to each of the countries by ceasing hostilites at this present time. This organization has presented a proposal to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and we assume since that country has been in close communications with South Africa and with the various neighboring nations, that the other governments are aware of our proposed plan for creating an international government that will treat every country participating on an equal and fair basis.

The U.S. government, for all the power and glory that it has achieved during the 1900s, there are many difficulties that the government has also, and this organization is attempting to confront these difficulties to make our nation's legal system more equitable and fair. These practices include: unlimited terms for the legislative branch, so it becomes a matter of a political power base, where new ideas are staunchly prevented from coming forward; campaign and election practices that are prohibitive so the average person cannot run for office unless he or she has a huge financial backing; and the final thing, and possibly the most important thing, is laws that were introduced to benefit just a few instead of across-the-board laws that affect all people. The laws have squeaked through congress hidden within other laws, and cannot stand on their own merit, and create conflicting laws within the United States legal system.

By and large, the Constitution of the United States is fair and equitable, and it was created with the premise that colonies with many histories and many different cultures would benefit from participating in one cohesive union. The states and federal government and the individual each have delineated clear rights within this government. We propose in the organization that an international government based on fair and equitable practices such as have allowed the United States to exist for over 220 years in peace, except for a civil war in the 1860s, that this be the framework for an international government that would allow each of the countries to be treated just as the states are.

Before this can come to pass, many issues must be looked at, and the concept of purifying the legal system must be addressed. But, already this seed has been planted in Africa for fair and democratic *mdash; and the definition of democratic being "fair and equal" — government has been planted and introduced.

Now the final thing to discuss this evening is how the country of Iraq can stand and face the United States government and maintain its power and integrity against the country that is attempting to bully it.

The country of Iraq has seen many days and many years of forcing its will upon its own peoples, and I say this not to condemn the government of Iraq, but, in order for your people to benefit from this international government — and in a moment I will discuss the benefits that will be given to you by participating in this international government — your people will be given rights that as a nation they are not now afforded by the their own government.

I ask for you to consider this now, that to set aside this intimidation or this attack by the U.S. government, would entail looking at a higher perspective, where everyone would benefit.

Your people have have a culture, a Muslim culture — and this organization does not attempt to dictate on culture or religion. Each nation must be allowed to choose for itself its own culture and its own religion without interference by anyone else — by any other government or any other peoples. Each culture has a right given to it by its Creator, and by this I mean the Creator is us all. So, as citizens of the world and this future international government that wsill be created by the peoples of the world and the governments of the world, your nation, to be involved with this, will have to approach, as a separate entity, how you look at this.

If your government is presently attempting to hold things in a certain fashion and not allowing change within your government, it will be very difficult for you to convince your people that you are working in their best interest, because the years of sanctions, and preventing your population from growing and expanding and being part of this world, have oppressed your people.

A majority of the population of the world at the present time has prayed to the Creator of us all for peace. When I talk about a spiritual background, I am referring to Universal Law that applies to all people. As I said, you are welcome to keep your culture and religion intact. Change must come from within. But under Universal Law, each individual has a right, and for peace to come, must be able to create the life that they would like to create.

When oppresed by their own government, or a foreign government, or by economic sanctions, or by cultural mores, or clergy that prevent people from doing this, then change will naturally come about. To attempt to stifle change and prevent it from happening means that at some point there will be a balancing effect, just as your people have been oppressed over the years by whatever source. Very soon there will be a backlash. Like a dam of water that has been allowed to reach the bursting point, your country is about to face a backlash of anger. Who it is directed at remains to be seen.

A dictator in this era of the One World Government — that form of government — will not last long, and for the simple reason — on a practical basis — it will be next to impossible to be in two places at the same time. If you attempt to control the events in your country and also to participate in the One World Government, where you will be out of the country as the liaison between your country and as the president representing your country in the international government — and all the presidents will be equal in this government — you will be out of your country a year and will not be able to maintain your position in both places.

So, it behooves you to look very carefully at how you approach this change within your country, and the benefits that are afforded to you by participating in this One World Government.

Now, a minute ago I alluded to the idea that all the presidents — and each nation will elect an international government president to represent his or her country in this international government — all the presidents will be considered equal. Not one president in the international arena will gain more power than another. In the constitution that is written by the peoples of the world, in order to create this international government, no one president will be allowed to have more power than another.

The presidents will gather only to decide if the laws written by the legislative branch — and I will explain that in a moment, and our organization will come and help you set this government structure up within your country if we are asked — as the presidents meet they will decide if the laws that are created by the international government are "executable" — and that means that it is possible to make them work.

Your nation will send law-makers, and as I said, I will explain that in a minute, to Washington, DC or Baghdad or Paris or Lusaka or Buenos Aires. No matter which country, for a year it will meet, for it will travel from place to place. The presidents will all meet and decide whether the laws created by the legislative branch are executable, and each one will have an equal say, an equal vote, on an issue.

You could stand in the same equal power as George Bush or as Putin from the Russian Federation.

On a legislative level, your country will be represented, also. Each country will have equal representation, one or two or three representatives, or "senators" in the Senate, who will go with equal representation, and these people will decide on matters of the rights of the people of the world. Do the peoples of the world in the international government have the right for something to happen? And this is what will be decided in the legislative branch as laws are written and decided upon.

The other legislative branch decides the will of the people, and these laws will be based on population. The more populated a country is, the more power it will have within this international government, concerning the will of the people.

One very important right that an individual will have, and to get back to the rights of the individual has in a country, the international government will give every person on the planet the right to leave their country under these laws if he feels that he is being oppressed. A government, if it is attempting to control through oppression its people, the people under this One World Government will leave, and that government, that nation, will lose power in the international arena.

In the past, as you attempted to force an issue or jockey for power by international games playing, in international law and in the United States, and rattling your sword in an attempt to gain power and prestige for your country, in this era of the international government the rules will be changing, and the old tactics that you became very adept at playing will no longer work. It will take statesmanship and finesse and a whole different set of rules.

When you look at the benefits afforded to your country, it behooves you to consider very carefully how you will approach this idea. I will include a list of benefits that will be accorded to each country.

I close with this one statement, that for peace to come across the planet, and for the monies that have been wasted on armament in an attempt to gain power and prestige and respect from other nations in the international arena, it behooves each person on the planet to seriously consider the benefits of world peace. For peace to come each person must be able to live the life that they choose. Each person must come out ahead for this to happen. The benefits to peace are many. When millions and billions and trillions of dollars are spent on a global basis each year creating a war machine, and it is no longer needed to be spent, each country can flourish and turn its attention inside the country to make it stronger. On an economic basis, instead of fighting militarily and rattling sabres and attempting to force a will, the leaders of the world will now be directing their attention into their own countries in order to make a niche and to compete on an economic basis. The one benefit that will be most apparent is the fact that each country will be able to flourish.

The present world leaders who can observe and understand these benefits and can see a wider perspective of how this will function in their own country will become greatly loved by their people.

List of Benefits

  1. Freeing up the funds set aside for national defense. Because world peace shall be in existence, those monies set aside for national defense can be used for other things.
  2. Freedom for its inhabitants to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness," as defined by the Constitution of the One World Government.
  3. Fair and equitable trade agreements that will allow a nation to maintain its economy in a stable manner without fear of influence by other nations.
  4. World peace.
  5. Expert consultation and advice by world-prominent leaders of science, technology and financial fields, so that a nation can maintain its natural resources and it financial structures at the highest levels.
  6. Freedom to maintain autonomous control over it cultural traditions and mores without interference by other nations.
  7. Representation that is fair and equitable in the One World Government, no matter how large or small a nation may be.
  8. The ability to have third party arbitration of disputes and a fair and equitable judicial system that maintains the rights of nations and individuals under the highest spiritual ideals.
  9. Assistance in creating the additional government structure in your country, if desired, so that you can take full advantage of the benefits of the One World Government.
  10. No nation can be forced to sign this document by another nation, but shall be encouraged to sign by its own population.

For peace to come, all people must be in agreement. It is like a plum that is ready to be picked, but before it can come all people have to understand how they will benefit. Previously I discussed the benefits that you will receive by participating in this international government, and when you stop to consider how even one of these could be a vast improvement over circumstances or experiences that you are facing at this time, the incentives are great and many.

You have the capacity to instill a great deal of change within your country. As a dictator, change in your country can come quickly and easily because it would appear that you have a consensus going along with your choices. But in reality, the only reason that a person is in power, while it may appear that it was done through a military action or by diplomatic maneuvering or even by election, it becomes apparent that everyone must agree to the sitution in the first place. If one person is not in agreement for something to come, then it will not come.

So you see, the reason for your time in power, during this time period, is because you have what is known as a "soul agreement" or contract with the people of your country to affect this change. You could say that you were born to make this decision and for this point in time to come about. All the events leading up to this moment in time could be considered precursors to this single event.

Every person on the planet, at a point in time, has to choose how they will participate or whether they will join into this international government. Each person must reflect and weigh carefully the benefits and the costs.

I tell you this now, at this point, the costs are negligible. The only thing that will cost you to participate is for you to give up what it is that no longer suits you, and it would be obvious at this point in time to realize that a military action directed against your country, after it has suffered for so long, is not in anyone's best interest. You, probably above all people at the present time, weigh a decision where it would be fairly obvious to see how you could benefit from this.

In the United States, there are people who choose a profession, and this could be considered a bit of levity to use this example. These people go from house to house to sell vacuum cleaners.

The reason that I use this example is because it would be fairly simple to understand a very complex idea by looking at this little story, and by no means do I consider this to making light of the situation. I only use this example as a way to look at a complex situation from a simple viewpoint.

Vaccum cleaner salesmen go from home to home and they demonstrate how their product — their vacuum — far outweighs the competition, which is in the house already, and they sprinkle dust and dirt and sand onto the floor, and possibly the furniture, the sofa, and then they whisk out their own brand of vacuum cleaner and demonstrate how much superior their product is by how much dirt it can pick up.

Now, when you stop to think of it, it does not allow a fair competition or demonstration to take a great deal of dirt and dump it on the furniture because it "muddies the water," or does not allow for a comparison of what already exists. If you were to take the existing vacuum cleaner and go over very carefully the carpet, and then use the new vacuum cleaner, that might be a fairer demonstration, but most vacuum cleaners do not pick up all the dirt anyway. You could use any brand on a carpet that is walked on all the time and pick up additional dirt. But to sprinkle additional dirt and vacuum it up does not give a fair comparison.

To take this same concept and consider what you have accomplished in your disarmament proceedings already, and then to ask weapons inspectors to come in and to look at what you have accomplished, they will always find additional arms and materials that could be used for warfare. A Molotov Cocktail, using gasoline, a wick and a bottle, with a cigarette lighter is not weapons of mass destruction, but you could prove just about anything by the materials that exist in a common household.

There is another issue to consider, is that if one person is attempting to harrass or intimidate another person, he or she will use whatever necessary that is available to justify their means. I tell you this, that there is a phrase, "the cards are stacked against you," and no matter how often you attempt to prove your innocence, it would be very difficult to do so.

The reason for making this offer at the present time is because the situation is ideal for you to take on the responsibility for introducing the concept of the international government, and for people to see how it can benefit them. The world is very much aware now of the situation in your country. With all the peace marches and protests and the governments debating in the United Nations, it has brought the attention of the world to your country, and by proving that peace can be created on the brink of war is a phenomenon that will enable many people — the whole world — to see the benefits of this. If it can take superpowers and enable them to come to an amiable agreement, where everyone will come out ahead, then people will clamor for this idea.

The concept of the One World Government is not a difficult one to approach. The United States has functioned for over two hundred and twenty years with many different cultures and religions and histories and backgrounds and languages, even. Each person has been allowed to have certain rights. The various cultural groups including Christians and Muslims, Jews and Taoists and Buddhists and Hindus, and all have lived in peace.

When a nation such as yours, which is mostly Muslim — 97% Muslim, I have seen by the statistics — it would be safe to understand that you would be in agreement. Well, even a culture that is homogeneous — all facing the same direction — has conflict.

It behooves each indivdual on the planet to look carefully to see how this could benefit him or her.

The final thing that I would like to address before I end this is that you have a responsibility as the leader of your country to consider very carefully the welfare of your people.

In the international government that is about to be created and has already been introduced to many of the world's leaders, each country will turn away competition on a military basis and will begin to compete on an economic basis, and the "rules of warfare" are totally opposite. I would like to address this for a moment, how to create this change within your government.

Our organization has the capacity to teach classes on how to turn your country into an economic powerhouse within the world's financial structures. You have incredible, vast resources of oil, and in the past you were not able to market the oil due to military and political sanctions that prevented you from creating international agreements that benefit you. Much of your monies over the last ten years or so have been spent of subsistence living and have not benefited your people.

In the era of the One World Government, international relations will be under the auspices of this international government, and instead of jockeying for power and rattling your sabres, all the countries will turn their attentions in toward their own country to make their own country prosper. It will not be in your best interst to try to maintain a military strength and to be beat down by a stronger country, or one that is attempting to intimidate you, but on an economic basis you can compete with the very best of the industrialized countries that exist now and that have power through military strength and intimidation. So you see, it is possible for your country to flourish. On an economic basis you will see your country equal to and possibly stronger than many other countries, and you do not have to compete with arms that you are not allowed under U.N. resolution.

As I said, our organization can come into your country and show you how to do this, and how you can fit a government structure that will allow you to benefit from this, and for a very small cost, something that is negligible compared to purchasing arms on the open market, or even the black market, your country can flourish and protect itself at the same time.

©Copyrights 2012, Karen Holmes