The World Peace Organization for the One World Government

The United States:
A Constitutional Amendment to Create The International Government

This is a constitutional amendment proposal enabling the United States to create a separate layer of government over what exists already.

The United States has been working to create a presence in the world, but the only way it can come is by everyone being treated fairly and equally. The U.S. government has proposed a war with Iraq at the present time in order to gain control of oil. This organization is attempting to introduce the concept of an international government that treats all countries fairly and equally, and ensures the rights provided by the U.S. Constitution to all the peoples of the world. In a way, it extends the concept of our government so that all people can benefit from the concept of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness," as defined in our own constitution.

Now, for an amendment to come about to an existing constitution there must be a great reason. There must be a sense of what exists from the past no longer suits us, or is provided for in the constitution, and that our country has evolved far enough along to make it necessary.

A constitution is basically a statement of intent by a group of people to create a government. This organization is aware that for peace to come, all people must be treated equally, and the populations of the world have all come to the conclusion that it is time for peace to come. In order to do so, there must be this additional layer of government that treats all peoples and all cultures and all countries equally and fairly — with fair and equitable practices that were established in the U.S. Constitution.

Before I go on, I would like to address one issue, and that is the concept of what is entailed by bringing peace. What would motivate us to begin the process?

First of all, and foremost, is the loss of lives. Each individual has been denied this inalienable right, as the governments jockey for power, attempting to create a presence in the world by military forces.

Our organization, by instituting this concept of an international government, does not attempt to change any of the existing governments in any fashion, but to just add an additional layer over the top. You could say that by guaranteeing the rights of a citizen without telling anyone what to do allows each and every person on the planet to choose for himself or herself what is meant by "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." We are not attempting to change what already exists, but just make it possible to add to the existing structure to make it more fair.

You could say that this would be the "frosting on the cake" that makes the concept of government more palatable, to use an metaphor.

The second thing is that each culture has the inalienable right to express itself granted to it by its Creator. As a culture has jockeyed for power, and the government has turned its attention outside of the country in order to make a presence, it has been done at the expense of the rights of the individual. This international government that is being proposed will enable each individual and each culture the right granted to it by its Creator.

The final thing is the concept of working together to create a stable international &mdash'; or even Universal — economy.

As the sense of creativity that an individual has as a citizen of this international government comes about, and instead of oppressing its population in order to make it possible to create an international prsence, the sense of a renaissance will come about and enable countries to create a more stable economy.

In the past, when one individual or one company or one culture or one country attempted to intimidate, it triggered a sense of games of one-upmanship. People and countries and cultures became very adept. The results of this are genocides, massacres and war and oppressive actions towards its own population. To turn the concept around, where to benefit a country would be to support its population, this will allow this renaissance to come about, not at anyone's expense, but to all people's benefit.

When you are working to benefit all people, there are no obstacles. You could say that if everyone comes out ahead in the plan, who will object? If you are making it possible for each individual and each culture to express their highest capacity to create, there are no objections. You are not telling anyone what to do. You are not oppressing anyone. Say, for example, you were to go to a person and say, "I will give you an opportunity to do whatever it is you like," how many would say, "No"? How many would refuse the opportunity?

So you see, by enabling people to create the life they choose, you allow yourself also to do so. Under Universal Law, which applies to all people — all beings — what you do to another will be done to you. By oppressing someone, you invite oppression upon yourself. Be giving peace, you invite the concept of peace.

Now, this "cake" that I referred to a moment ago, with the frosting now, if you were to take every person on the planet and allow that person to have an equal share of this "major dessert" that was being offered — allowed every person to have exactly the same amount — again there would be no objection. It is only when one insists upon having a larger share than another that there is a problem.

If only one choice is an option and many must make a single choice, then majority rule applies, just as our own government functions, and then there is no objection.

Our own government has functioned on this level for over two hundred years, except for the Civil War. This has kept a modicum of peace between cultures and has ensured that each individual has equal rights. How this is interpretted within a state is up to debate, but again, it is the right of the state to do so, and as in the United States, if an individual does not approve of how a state interprets these laws, he has the right to go to another place where they will be given greater rights, and the interpretation is a much broader perspective.

The final thing to address before I finish this proposal is the concept of how this will be implemented. This organization recommends that a constitutional amendment be introduced — allowing this to be written into the existing consitution — and a discussion be started in Congress, that the House of Representatives and the Senate approach this proposal with the idea that this will start the process to enable the United States to present this plan to the world. Before this comes about, our organization recommends that certain practices be looked at in order to purify the existing structure of the U.S. government. This is a two part phase. This organization recommends that certain practices that have created chaos in the United States legal system be corrected to prevent these ideas from expanding into the international government.

The final thing to address at this point is how the legal system can be purified, and this organization is in the process of presenting just such a proposal to the senators from Montana.

©Copyrights 2003, The World Peace Organization for the One World Government