North and South Korea (Stage 4)
Ocean Symposium/ Confucianism

The oceans store the energy of the sun, but it is more than heat. The ocean's minerals are like electrolytes in a battery, the magnetic poles of the planet create a current, and the energy runs through the ley lines. Thoughts are made of energy, and fear is a low fequency. The fears associated with circular thinking patterns spawn circular weather patterns, such as hurricanes and typhoons.

Conficianism's segment of the Faith of the Pure Ray circlc relates to capacity. Opressive government polices and low-paying manufacturing jobs are contributing to the instability in the Asian economy and triggering super-typhoons.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to host an ocean symposium, to demonstrate our intent to turn global issues over to an international body, and introducing information to end hurricanes and typhoons, and to keep the oceans in their pristine state.

Stage 2:

The future belongs to the next generatons, and so we are preparing organization children for the future by helping them to find their niche based on talents and gifts, and to network their niche with the others to create projects that benefit everyone. One of our projects is an Ocean Symposium.

Stage 3:

We are hosting the Ocean Symposium in Brookings, Oregon, which is an ocean-side community, and drawing in local fishermen, marine biologists and school children. We are inviting the international community through On The Rainbow's new bookstore in Washington, DC.

Stage 4:

North Korea must address security issues first, and then work with South Korea to find a way to market their technology. There is an invention coming out that will extract minerals out of the ocean, which will tear apart the energy flow of the planet, which must not be allowed to occur.

Stage 5:

The oceans must remain sovereign to ensure the survival of the planet. To declare the United States has the right to grant ownership to corporations to employ the extraction process will tear apart the planet and create an environmental catastrophe.

Stage 6:

We recommend that the international government address global issues, and that politics be taken out of the equation. The fears associated with the economic crisis, failed foreign policy and power games to gain power and prestige must end. Mankind must start to function on a higher level to ensure the future for our children and grandchildren.