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Everyone has a dream in his or her heart for the perfect life, and every choice we make is supposed to get us closer to our goal. Traumatic events come along and kick us off course. We then rely on compensatory games to enable us to go forward, but with each traumatic event, we are further off course. We begin to fear we can't get our life.

When you make your ascension, you understand you can create the life you want, but if you believe you can get your life as a result of power games, you face your demons. Your fears. You get kicked back into the illusion of the third dimension, and face mental illness.

Our Exorcism of Demons classes are designed for the family members of those who are facing their demons. We believe no one has to face this crisis.

Exorcism of Demons classes are still in progress. We recommend that anyone facing this crisis start with some of our published materials, such as "Facing Your Fears," by Beelzebub and Seth, and our "Catholic Church in America" newsletter.

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"Facing Your Fears"

Exorcism of Demons
"Exorcism of Demons"

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