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Karen Holmes is the principal and founder of The World Peace Organization for the One World Government. She is responsible for creating the network of individuals who are currently supporting the organization in the work for world peace, and for introducing the plan for world peace to the governments of the world.

During the early years of the project, it became apparent that there must be a two-sided approach to world peace. World peace cannot be legislated or the result of a treaty, it must come because the people are able to create the life they choose. Holmes has used her talents and gifts to look at the issue of world peace from a wider perspective. She is a spiritual teacher and a channel, and she balances the practical work of running the organization with the more esoteric work of teaching the fundamentals involving the spiritual advisors and how they relate to humanity.

The plan for peace is inspired by a spiritual entity who has been working with Holmes and the others of the organization, teaching them the concepts behind the project. Suzeranda Melchizedek, as she is known in the spiritual circles, has channeled two books on the subject of world peace, and is working on several more. The first book is for the masses, and covers how to create peace on an individual basis—how to overcome past traumas and how to discover your purpose in life. The second book is written for those who are interested in the governmental aspects of the plan, including government officials and business people. The third book is on economics, and the fourth relates to science and technology. The books are, basically, manuals on how to create world peace.

Holmes has worked diligently on every aspect of the plan for creating the organization. She created the web pages, the founding documents and set up the financial structure, created the marketing plan, and planned the classes, channeled the books and the proposals—the list is very long. This organization is a very complex business structure, and she is intimately aware of every aspect of the project.

Holmes has two children, a son who has started his own family, and a daughter.

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