Level Two: For those who have been financially affected

This row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for the people who have been financially affected by the choice someone made to stand on the principles. He or she chose to go up, and to function on a higher level, but the choice triggered fears in the people who are dependent on that person for their security and support, and that led to their choices to down into the power games.

This same sense of separation occurs on every level, including between nations and within governments.

Using a traditional family as an example, if the husband chooses to change careers, his choice may trigger in his wife fears for her security and support. The conflict between them interferes with their children's opportunity to get the life they want, and any acts of revenge on her part draws in people outside the family.

The World Peace Marketing Strategy is the solution for everyone.

To overcome this crisis in the family, the husband follows the first row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, the wife follows this row, and the children follow the third row. The wife watches the husband to see that he is standing on the principles of the first row, and she is demonstrating to the children that you must be responsible for your own security and support. The fourth row is for the people outside the family who got dragged into the choice, too, and they are watchdogs of the entire family. If this family is overcoming conflict in the family, what can they learn from watching them demonstrate how it is done?

The one thing everyone on the planet wants is to be able to create the life they want without interference. In the future, the international government will guarantee that inalienable right to everyone on the planet, but then turn responsibility for teaching people how to do that to clerics of the seven major religions. This gate starts with the Faith of the Pure Ray project, which unifies the world's seven major religions.

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