Lebanon (Stage 6)
Lebanon Advocates The Department of the Interior

Lebanon has the unique opportunity to draw together a host of solutions. That nation is in a strategic location, has found a sense of prosperity and legal rights, and has managed to function on a higher level than its neighbors of the region. That can lead to a sense of competition. What is the outcome of functioning on a higher level than others? Judgment by those who deny their own capacity.

The solution to every crisis is to do what is in everyone's best interest, but it isn't until you reach the point of economic stability that you can undo the damage that arises from the competition. Lebanon... Beirut is a beautiful city that has been torn apart by bloodshed, and the resulting rift has left the people in an economic crisis. To find their national identity, they must start by making a series of agfreements, but not with those who plunder their nation's resources.

Stage 1:

The international Department of the Interior derives its financies from the combined resources of the planet. They make agreements to share their expertise with the nations to help them find their prized possessions, but at not time will they be sold to the highest bidder. A series of national parks must be established, with selective thinning of neighboring tree farms, to ensure a cash flow and the ability to keep the lands sovereign.

Stage 2:

Lebanon is the solution to a family crisis, als. We are parallel to the nations in crisis. Our family that is parallel to Lebanon has faced a crisis and rift, and to bring them back into the "fold" without a sense of judgment, they will encompass one of the higher positions of the organization. They will be responsible for handing out paychecks to the other members.

Stage 3:

How this applies to the rest of the planet, our organization will travel as advisors, and the family that is parallel to Lebanon will decide when we travel on our advisory contracts.

Stage 4:

This is not to leave anyone out or to hold power over another. Those who play the game of Greed and have wielded the power will now find they must work with those they have judged.

Stage 5:

During our advisory travels, there can be no sense of traveling to appease a tyrant or to put another nation's crisis on hold.

Stage 6:

The Interior Department, along with the Department of the Oceans, will become stewards of the lands and the oceans, and work diligently to keep our global environment pristine.