Lebanon (Stage 5)
Department of the Interior

A nation's natural resources can be plundered and it is a power game in more ways than one. The people who do so function out of a sense of Greed, and it is also a way to disenfranchise the people who depend on it for their livelihood or their national historic identity. Imagine the Cedar trees cut down as trophies to display in the houses of the wealthy who can afford to do so, and the feeling of putting themselves above he general population. It does great harm to the nation when a nation's resources are plundered.

Lebanon is not alone in this crisis. For generations, resources and strategic locations around the planet have garnered the attention of the powerful elite. The crisis leads to unempowerment of the people, who rise in protest, but the backlash is mor than the uprising by the native people (those who consider themselves to personify the identity of the nation.) The crisis is that when the game of Greed no longer functions to benefit the players, the games progress to that of genocide and terrorism.

Stage 1:

The Department of the Interior at first will be seen as interlopers in the lush field of potential. The players of the game of Greed have found their wealth in manhy places, and to stand up for the lands will deprive the game players at first of their "booty." After the crises erode, the games players will realize the errors and futility of putting themselves above all others.

Stage 2:

Our next ripple draws in those who function entirely for their own benefits. The mediation between George W. Bush and Izzat Ibrihim al-Douri will not come until our next ripple of nations is named, when the organization's "henchmen" of the players of Greed are "peeled away" from their masters.

Stage 3:

To draw in the next ripple involves taking consideration for the peoples of the planet, who will recieve their invitations at an agreed upon time. The conference will be held once the U.S. legal system is purified of the laws that benefit the few at the expense of the rest.

Stage 4:

Our advisory projects will be on hold until after the point when all three levels of our organization are functioning to create their own projects that benefit everyone. Member, children and spouses.

Stage 5:

We draw in Lebanon and the international Department of the Interior to end the exploitation by the game of Greed in the Middle East, starting with the cedars.

Stage 6:

The Interior Department will find a balance between the land and resources and the people.