Lebanon (Stage 4)
World Peace

World peace will come when all the people have a voice, are respected and treated fairly and equally, and are able to create their life without interference. It is a simple matter to stand back and allow the natural instincts and drive to arise, and when driected to enabling others to create their life, also, in the form of win-win agreements, there is no limit as to what can be achieved.

The solution can be found in any population for world peace. The children embody the principles in their play. They don't care what culture or religion their newfound playmate is from, and even language barriers don't exist. The solution is simple. Create your life by enjoying those traits embodied in those around you.

Stage 1:

Lebanon is a land of vast potential for peace. That nation encompasses compassion for the disenfranchised, and it willing to draw them into dialogue to enable all to function on a higher level. Our plan involves putting Lebanon into the center of the circle for our next series of proposals as teacher for those who believed in the judgment of the disenfranchised.

Stage 2:

Our organization consists of 200 individuals, those who stood on the principles during severe testing. The children have been torn apart by the other spouse, those who were overcome by fears. We are drawing in the children to bring the end to the conflict by inviting their newly disenfranchised partents, those who now suffer from mental illness from facing their fears, and helping them to overcome their crises.

Stage 3:

To bring in the people, we are offering our series of classes, but opening the plan to debate on a new webpage devoted to mental illness related to creating your life. In our Healing Arts Center, we allow the children to teach these classes, and their parents to attend.

Stage 4:

Our advisory aspect will be internet only. At no time will we take this outside of our Healing Arts Center. The reason is most people do not have the time to spreak tohelp their loved ones by traveling to another country. we are setting up a center with living quarters to enable long-term help for the people in crisis and for the family member. All the amenities will be provided. This will be word of mouth advertising. At no time will we offer our services through contract or bribe.

Stage 5:

The U.S. government cannot contract our services for this project.

Stage 6:

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