Lebanon (Stage 3)
Rocket Out of the Abyss!

The solution to any crisis can be found within the original population by searching for the solution amongst those who are overlooked by the rest of the population. They have no voice in the matter because mankind generally is backwards in the Illusion, which means we have the tendency to push away those we need to find a solution and hold onto what doesn't work to help us. This reason is becaue mankind lives constantly in a state of fear.

We are addressing this issue related to Lebanon with the compunction that is that Lebanon enbodies the solution to world peace, and Hezbollah is standing on the principles of fairness and equality, but denied a voice and is disenfranchised but has also managed to find a voice in their government. one of the requirements for world peace. It makes no difference to Hezbollah that they are disenfranchised because they are getting their life, and believe by having a voice in their government, they can achieve anything they desire by working within the context of their government.

Stage 1:

Our plan, should it be accepted, will encompass all the disenfranchised bodies, including terrorist organizations.

Stage 2:

We start with those who have been overcome by fears, not the terrorist organizations, but our own independent members who suffer from mental illness due to the disenfranchisedment of their children. they are the ones who feel they now have no voice to express their pain.

Stage 3:

The solution to any crisis can be found amongst those who are disenfranchised, but it is a power game to deny a voice to those who have matters of grave concern. We draw in the "terrorist organizations" by addressing the Cathoiic Church in America, a new organization that is assuming responsibility to undo the damage done during the last cycle, which occurred during the Crusades.

Stage 4:

Our advisory aspect will stop at the borders of the United States. At no time will this be discussed outside of the region. We will not work with citizens of any other nation.

Stage 5:

The United States has disenfranchised many bodies and nationalities through its drive to bring democracy to the planet. The problem lies when introducing a foreign concept from outside the culture and expecting change based on behavior.

Stage 6:

Our organization recommends world peace come via drawing in the disenfranchised and opening a dialogue to end the disputes they are protesting.