Lebanon (Stage 2)
Exorcism of Demons/Taking on the Fears Class

When an individual is overcome by fears that arise from ability to get your life, that individual becomes mentally ill, and the crisis is a great burden on the family and friends. It is time to address this issue with our Taking on the Fears classes, and turn responsibility over to the children, who are most affected.

How this applies to Lebanon, the people who are disenfranchised by the game of Anger, demonstrated through acts of violence by Hezbollah, leave the entire country in a state of mental illness. The solution is to find the middle ground where everyone can get their life without interference, and to keep the planning process going out to encompass all citizens of the nation.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to enstate the principles of assuming responsibility for actions done by others when they are not capable of assuming for their own actions, by coming up with a plan that benefits everyone concerned, and leaves no one out of its benefits. The solution is simple when seen from the wider perspective, and so we begin with those who are still facing their fears, and allow them to handle those who have been completely overcome.

Stage 2:

We draw our own organization children into the Taking on the Fears class and teach the principles of how to find a solution to every problem through administering a plan with a series of win-win agreements. It is possible to overcome any crisis when you understand the root cause and address the 22 steps and 7 stages of the planning process.

Stage 3:

To bring in the people, we will allow the children to deal with the mental illness crises of their parents. The final outcome will come when all the independent members join together to help each other create projects that benefit all people. The solution is found within the group of six who assume responsibility for helping the children regain their empowerment.

Stage 4:

Our advisory aspect will take this forward to share with the entire planet by bringing the project first to the training center, then on the road with the tent tour, and finally as the advisory catalog to benefit other nations. At no time will the government participate in this project, in terms of funding.

Stage 5:

There is no need to fund this project because it benefits the people involved to do so.

Stage 6:

This project will benefit all the people, and will be passed on by word of mouth to encompass the planet.