Cyprus (Stage 5)
The Department of Transportation

Cyprus's location makes it an ideal transportation hub. It has been so for millenia, at the crossroads of civilizations. It is also an example of what war does to create barriers, dividing cultures and religions, making transporation difficult or impossible.

The international Department of Transportation will be able to work with the One World Government to remove the barriers that separate people, and to end the divisions between cultures and religions. In the era of world peace, people must be able to create their niche and to market it with family and friends, and to be able to transport themselves and their merchandise to any part of the world.

Stage 1:

Transportation is a global issue. Our plan is to establish the international Department of Transportation as an overview concept to address issues that cannot be addressed satisfactorily by one nation.

Stage 2:

Our independent members with experience in the transporation fields will assume responsibility for this proposal.

Stage 3:

Experts in transporation, including aviation, shipping and railroads, from around the world will participate in the international Department of Transportation.

Stage 4:

The departments will be autonomous, and will advise the branches of the international government, and the individual nations on their issues.

Stage 5:

There is no need to carve out claims to strategic locations around the world to ensure the security of the United States. The U.S. government can turn the responsibility over to the international government.

Stage 6:

In the United States, flights are routed through huge hub airports and this has expedited service, but has made it very stressful. The Department of Transportation will help to transition the various forms of transportation into more efficient systems.