Cyprus (Stage 4)
Flight Mentoring / Taoism

What is your dream? What if you see no way to make your dream a reality? People all over the world are in this crisis. Those who have overcome the crisis are the perfect ones to step in to help the next generation to achieve their dream. With our Flight Mentoring project, we are making it possible for young aviation "dreamers" to become pilots by taking the Flying Club concept to the next level, a flight training guild.

In the past, guilds enables masters in a tracde to pass on wisdom to the next generation. It was a great training system, but it was superseded by the present structure, which puts obstacles in the path of dreamers. Taoism addressed the tolerance and empowerment segment of the Faith of the Pure Ray. Intolerance starts the progression to the loss of right to create the life you want without interference.

Stage 1:

Our plan is for the guild system concept to be re-established through our Flight Mentoring project. It allows for a higher form of training for pilots, and we will offer it in nations where the dream of becoming a pilot is out of the reach of the average "dreamer."

Stage 2:

Our technology team, led by a man who was a corporate pilot, an air traffic controller and an A&P mechanic, will assume responsibility for this project.

Stage 3:

We have a newsletter, called "Swan Song," that introduces the guild concept. It will help to draw everyone associated with aviation into the guild.

Stage 4:

Transportation in Cyprus was made must more difficult by the Turkish invasion of Northern Cyprus. The Nicosia airport was the site of some of the heaviest fighting, and now lies within Green Zone. It is used now as a headquarters for the U.N. Peacekeeping troops. Larnaca airport and Ercan Airport were built instead. Since Cyprus joined the E.U., the border was opened, and travel has become easier, but flights from TRNCyprus are still required to land first in Turkey before heading on to other cities.

Stage 5:

Wars are oppressive. They disrupt the lives of the people, and create divisions in familyes. Governments put up obstacles so that people don't see how they can get their life.

Stage 6:

We recommend that governments stand on the principles that every individual on the planet has his or her inalienable rights to create their life without interference, and to be treated fairly and equally, and governments support opportunities for dreamers.