Cyprus (Stage 3)
Lifepartnership/Turning Over the Bridge

Cyprus, like North and South Korea, must first address that nation's vocation and avocation, and then who their lifepartner is. Cyprus's lifepartner will help to reunify the two sides of the nation. Does Cyprus have a lifepartner? One advantage of a lifepartnership is that it can be considered a win-win agreement where each helps to bring in the other's children. Both sides must be able to speak from personal experience, and act as an advocate for the other, or attempts to advocate lead to reinforcement of the division.

Joining the European Union was supposed to lead to the reunification of Cyprus, but the refusal to recognize the TRNCyprus by every nation but Turkey creates a dilemma for Cyprus. In any dilemma, the individual is 180 degrees from where he or she thinks he is, and pushes away the person who he needs and holds onto the one who doesn't have the capacity to help. The solution is the middle ground, what is in everyone's best interest.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to introduce the Lifepartnership concept amongst our independent members and demonstrate its potential to bring back children who are left without a firm foundation after a divorce, and it parallel to reunify nations, such as Cyprus.

Stage 2:

We will work first with the organization family that is parallel to Cyprus, and help them to end the crisis in the family through the lifepartnership concept.

Stage 3:

Our training center classes address the issue of Lifepartnerships.

Stage 4:

The organization will offer our services to advise Cyprus in its reunification, if requested.

Stage 5:

The refusal of the United States and the other governments to recognize the TRNCyprus has kept Cyprus in a state of limbo. A far better solution would be to recognize the unity and diversity represented on the island by comparing Cyprus to the United States, which is a melting pot of cultures and religions, and by supporting the creation of the international government to enable the Cypriots to decide democratically on their government structure.

Stage 6:

We recommend that every culture and religion be treated fairly and equally, and that the world address the fact that national borders drawn by war will some day have to be addressed, to let stand or be redrawn another cultural lines. The other alternative is to consider that a nation's power is based on population in the international government, so tolerance and empowerment encourages conflict resolution.