Cyprus (Stage 2)
Overview of the World Peace Plan/Full Training Session

Our organization is parallel to the international government. We can speak from personal experience as we advise the governments. We introduced the World Peace Plan and ideas for several inventions amongst the potential members. Immediately, the power games started. A small group attempted a takeover bid, and refused to stand on the principles of the organization. The majority walked away. No one achieved his or her goal by playing games.

Greek and Turkish Cypriots lived in peace for many years until the calls for indpendence demonstrated different goals. All parts must be in agreement for something to come. Your plan must benefit all people for it to be accepted. The overview idea must be addressed, and the reunification will end the conflict.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to enable the reunification of Cyprus by their participation in the One World Government. Cypriots will be free to choose how they will accept this opportunity.

Stage 2:

We started with the children of the 200 independent members of the organization because they are still willing to work together, and we are bringing everyone together at the Full Training Session. As they work through the steps and stages of the Planning Process, they demonstrate the principles of the new paradigm to the next level.

Stage 3:

The children will bring in their parents and demonstrate to them the potential of working together on our innovative projects. They will perform our Unity Play that demonsrates the steps of the Planning Process. We will open debate on the projects at that time, the only time all the independent members will be together before the World Conference.

Stage 4:

We are introducing the steps and stages of the Planning Process with the Track Our Progress booklet. We will offer our services to Cyprus when people are ready for it to come.

Stage 5:

The United States goes into nations as "big brothers' to help end the conflicts, but this can be seen as a power game and it leads to a backlash.

Stage 6:

We recommend that Cyprus let go of the idea of choosing between either Turkey or Greece as "fatherlands" and support the creation of the international government.