North and South Korea (Stage 6)
North and South Korea Advocate the Department of the Oceans

The Koreans have talked about reunification for many years, but there has been no plan offered that benefits everyone. Six party talks have failed. There was no overview concept that enabled everyone to function on a higher level. North and South Korea can end their years of conflict by participation in the international government, and reunify the Koreans peninsula based on the lifepartnership principles. This allows them to create a stable economy, which will help to end extreme weather conditions and natural disasters.

As they advocate the potential of the Department of the Oceans, they are doing more than helping themselves. They are helping to end the instability around the planet. Future generations will be able to enjoy a pristine environment.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to reunify North and South Korea based on their participation in the international government, and to offer them the opportunity to stabilize their economy and join the global renaissance by advocating the creation of the international Department of the Oceans.

Stage 2:

All of our independent members will be on hand at the World Conference to assist in the creation of the departments, and also in bringing the nations of a continent together to address regional issues.

Stage 3:

Each nation will have the right to send their expers to participate in the creation of the Departments, and their committees and subcommittees.

Stage 4:

Issues that affect the entire planet will require involvement by the entire assembly. Continental issues will be addressed on the continental level.

Stage 5:

No president or nation will have the right to interfere with the affairs of another nation. No nation will have the right to declare that is another nation or chosen leader or government cannot participate in the international government as equal to all others.

Stage 6:

We recommend that the governments of the world turn responsibility for the care and well-being of the oceans to the experts on the oceans. They will be happen to advise the branches and work with the other departments on any issues related to the oceans.