North and South Korea (Stage 5)
The Department of the Oceans

Imagine setting a small machine on the floor of the ocean and having it extract valuable minerals at the push of a button. Imagine the political maneuvering, and how the environmentalists will protest and no one will listen, and the ensuing land-grab, and then the environmental disaster that rips apart the planet. What if the invention is introduced in some other country? this same scenario has occurred many times in the history of the planet, and everyone suffers for it.

The Earth is a closed ecosystem, and what affects one part of the planet affects all of it. POlitics and the power game of Greed must be taken out of the equation. It is in no one's best interest to rip apart the environment, especially to benefit the few over the all.

Stage 1:

No one owns the oceans. Our plan is for the oceans to be declared sovereign, and for review of technological inventions and plan such as this one. Every plan must pass cultural review, and no plan will be allowed to go forward until everyone is in agreement. This must come under the auspices of the international Department of the Oceans.

Stage 2:

Several of our independent members have degrees or professions in fields related to the oceans. They will assume responsibility for our ocean proposal. We will host the Ocean Symposium in Brookings, Oregon, and then go on to help establish the Department of the oceans.

Stage 3:

Experts from every nation will make up the Department of the Oceans.

Stage 4:

committees will handle various segments of the department, and subcommittees will create brdiges that link this department to others, such as Commerce and Transportation to work together on the shipping lanes.

Stage 5:

White it may seem to be in the best interest of the United States to influence what is occurring on the other side of the planet, issues such as the oceans that affect the entire planet must be handled by a body that represents all nations and peoples equally, or there is resistance. Solve the problems by working to create the international government and allow them to handle the issues.

Stage 6:

We recommend the governments of the world consider the potential of doing what is in everyone's best interest, including creating the international Department of the Oceans.