North and South Korea (Stage 3)
Chaos in the Family Classes

If we use the analogy that North and South Korea are like a married couple, and the Korean people are their children, North Korea is the wife whose security and support is threatened, and waging war in her defense, and South Korea is the husband who doesn't know how to deal with her fears. To stabilize the region, North Korea must create a financial foundation, with technology as her vocation and business as her avocation, with South Korea mentoring her to create prosperity, and in return, South Korea can be mentored in technology.

Each individual has a dream in his or her heart, and every choice is supposed to help you get closer to your goal. Relationships that are not based on the same goal will eventually be torn apart by power games to coerce the other to assist you in getting your life. The conflict progresses through several stages, starting with a choice where one stands on the principles and the other goes deeper into the power games, including revenge.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to introduce information concerning the "Battles of Armageddon," when one stands on the principles and the other goes down into the game. By doing so, we can explain how the power games are creating chaos around the planet, and start to unravel the crises so they never occur again.

Stage 2:

We are introducing this material through our Chaos in the Family classes, starting with our independent members whose family has been torn apart by divorce. We are teaching the women how to start their own business and the men how to prevent the women from "waging war," and getting revenge when their security or support is threatened.

Stage 3:

With the economic crisis, many marriages are being torn apart.

Stage 4:

One of our four economic stimulus plans is the California Community Property Law project. In California, when marriages break apart due to different goals, if the couple owns a business, oftentimes the business is sold and the money is divided equally, leaving them cash rich and business poor.

Stage 5:

The community property crisis in California is a major drain on the economy as businesses are sold to foreign investors.

Stage 6:

We recommend the drain be plugged, and that the principles of the Lifepartnership project be enstated on every level.