North and South Korea (Stage 2)
Lifepartnership Concept/Financial Board

A lifepartnership is a strong relationship because one's vocation is the other's avocation, and each mentors the other's efforts in a form of win-win agreements. Are North and South Korea lifepartners? South Korea is a business giant that manufactures technologies. North Korea is a technological giant that is struggling to create a stable and prosperous economy.

An innovative plan isn't automatically lucrative. It must offer the business and economics segment their opportunity to create their life, too. Passing the scrutiny of our Financial Board to get project funding is a good indication that a project will succeed and multiply the money. Organization entrepreneurs must have a plan that addresses the root cause of the crisis and delineates the 22 steps of the Planning Process, stand on the principles of our projects, and do what is in everyone's best interest.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to introduce the concept of lifepartnerships amongst our independent members, and demonstrate to nations their potential to start the reunification process, such as between North and South Korea. We are introducing our Financial Board to ensure that our projects stand on first financial foundations.

Stage 2:

Families have been torn apart by different goals, leaving the family with no financial base and the children with no foundation as the parents work independently to create their life. If the parental relationship is based on attraction rather than the same goal, it will be torn apart. We are working with the parents to create a vocation and avocation, and to find lifepartners rather than based relationships on romantic attachments.

Stage 3:

In our Getting Out of the Abyss classes, we offer a Lifepartnership concept that addresses how to maintain your family's financial foundation.

Stage 4:

North Korea is facing a humanitarian crisis with starvation, and must establish a stable economy, but the nation's direction is focused on defense, and South Korea is fearful that North Korea has nuclear weapons aimed in their direction. Each turning around to address identity related to vocation and avocation allows the conflict to end and each to find a mentor.

Stage 5:

It may seem as if it is in the best interests of the United States to step in to mediate between North and South Korea, but they must decide for themselves their vocation and avocation, and work together alone to decide what they will do.

Stage 6:

Each nation must find its niche, their vocation and avocation, without interference.