Democratic Republic of Congo (Stage 6)
DRCongo Advocates the Department of Defense/Facilitators

The Democratic Republic of Congo has experienced one of the worst genocides in the history of the planet. Their national wealth has not gone to benefit the people, but has been plundered and even turned against them. The conflict has killed over five million people and left the nation and its infrastructure torn apart. Drawing children into the conflict ensures it will take generations to undo the damage.

The crisis is so horridic that one government cannot resolve the crisis. Everything you do just makes the situation worse. The solution is to resolve the crisis by turning it over to those who can solve the crisis, and then to walk away from it. The first step is to work with our oganization advisors and work to establish the international government and its departments. The DRCongo will advocate the creation of the Department of Defense.

Stage 1:

OUr plan is for the governments to resolve their problems by turning them over to the international government and its departments. The DRCongo will advocate the Department of Defense because doing so enables the wars and genocides to end and for the government to find labor for addressing infrastructure issues.

Stage 2:

Our independent members will create their projects, including the Military Olympics, demonstrate their potential, advise the governments, and then assist in the creation of the Department of Defense/Facilitators. The Department of Defense/Facilitators will assist in transitioning existing militaries.

Stage 3:

The militaries of the world will have no problem drawing in energetic young people to work on major construction projects, to gain the experience to start their own construction businesses. Everyone benefits.

Stage 4:

Our advisors to not contract for the work, but offer insights on how to function on a higher level. We are average people, and we understand how difficult it is to rise out of the abyss, just like third world nations. We have created our own projects and speak from experience to set up the same projects in our advisory services.

Stage 5:

The United States has gone into other countries to gain control of natural resources and startegic locations at the expense of the people. This has created a great deal of anger.

Stage 6:

We recommend that the Department of Defense/Facilitators handle the transition from war-based thinking to peace, and that the people assume responsibility for the work on the projects.