Democratic Republic of Congro (Stage 5)
Department of Defense/facilitators

No one expects any nation to let go of its military. It will take many years before there is enough trust between nations to do so. When religion was brought into the justification for the war in Iraq, the truth was not able to overcome the lie. Now no on knows who to trust. Mankind cannot just go back to the midpoint. It collapsed the old structure, and now a new structure must take its place, one that demonsrates how to function on a higher level.

The United States now has three choices. We can choose to go up, down or straight ahead. We can stand on higher principles by letting go of the power grabs and turn responsibility over to the international government. We can ignore the crisis, and continue down the slippery slope, with other nations refusing to cooperate with us. We can fight a global war, the United States against everyone else.

Stage 1:

Our plan is for the creation of the international government, the Local Court to handle disputes, and the Department of Defense/Facilitators to help transition standing armies from war-based thinking to work-based thinking.

Stage 2:

Our independent members will go to the DRCongo to work to set up the Military Olympics, and for the rest of the soliders, to establish the concept of unsing income from the nation's natural resources to start construction on projects that benefit all the people.

Stage 3:

Nation such as the DRCongo have a crisis related to infrastructure, and enough funds to keep construction crews busy for many years. Their advantage is they can bild without having to deal with outdated technolgies.

Stage 4:

Industrialized nations are more likely to hire expensive contractors to handle the projects, but they may not be culturally-sensitive to third world nations.

Stage 5:

For the DRCongo, we recommend culturally-sensitive approaches, bringing in only advisors to help create the projects, and that the work be done by the people, not outside contractors. We also recommend that bidding for the contracts be fair and impartial.

Stage 6:

We recommend the industrialized nations reconsider the potential of the new paradigm. While the old structure seemed to be the key for functioning on a higher level, the backlashed were very expensive.