Democratic Republic of Congo (Stage 4)
A Military Olympics / Hinduism

World peace will not come quickly. The transition must come slowly and in perfect order. We are introducing principles one at a time and allowing them to permeate global society. To transition out of war=based thinking into peace, we are taking an idea from the past. During the Middle Ages, tournaments were held to make war a competition. Going back even further into hisory, the Cursus at Stonehenge was also a place of competition.

Hinduism involves the security segment of the Faith of the Pure Ray. The traditional role of men is to stand "in defense of home and nation." When the rebel factions turned outside their nation to purchase arms, they undermined their national security. The same crisis occurs within families when one or both turn outside the relationship for solice or support.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to encourage a sense of national unity and identity, and to help transition mankind out of war-based thinking by establishing a Military Olympics. It allows the child soldiers to start to transtion by making combat socially acceptable in this setting.

Stage 2:

Our Military Olympics project team will assume responsibility for this project.

Stage 3:

We are limited the participants in the Military Olympics to signatories of the international government. Just as our organization will host the first World Conference and then we will turn over responsiblity for future conferences to the delegate nations, after the first Olympics, it will function under the auspices of the One World Government, and it will continue to grow in number of participants and range of events.

Stage 4:

The first Military Olympics should be held in the DRCongo prior to the World Conference, but just as the Olympics is held in different nations, future events will be decided fairly and equally. The Military Olympics committee members should maintain their position past the end of the event, but new people chosen for each Olympics.

Stage 5:

The United States takes great pride in having the best military in the world. Many nations have more money and a greater drive in competing with the United States to see which has the best military, and competition to see who can wage war the best is not in anyone's best interest.

Stage 6:

We recommend that the signatory nations stop preparing for warfare and instead start preparing for the Military Olympics. Each nation will enter only their best soldiers, and the competition will be intense.