Democratic Republic of Congo
Technology/ The Race is On!

The DRCongo has an abundance of natural resources, but their plundering has torn apart the people. "Blood diamonds," "conflict coltan," used in cell phones and smuggled urnaium fuel the oppression of the people. Technology is supposed to solve the problems we are facing as a nation, but in the case of the DRCongo, it is making the crisis worse.

People equate money and power, but then the money is gone, so is the power. Technology is based on the application of the plan, which doesn't necessarily imply that it will be lucrative. It has to be able to bring in the investors, and there can be no backlashed associated with the pla. It has to benefit all people, and come in perfect order.

Stage 1:

Technology generally mimics nature in some way. Our three innovative technologies mimic the human body, the mind and the spirit. They are like a feedback machine that demonstrates your personal power levels. Our plan is introduce the principles to demonstrate how to regain your power after suffering the lacklashes from a grab for power.

Stage 2:

Our technology team will be responsible for the introduction of these inventions, but also demonstrate their potential. When the ideas were first introduced, they did a power grab and eventually realized that to grab for power results in a loss of power.

Stage 3:

Each nation has one technological key, and it takes all 200 to make these projects come about. These inventions will be debated online, and in our Getting Out of the Abyss classes. Some day, these inventions will power homes and vehicles, but their potential in helping people overcome traumatic events and to regain their power may be even more valuable.

Stage 4:

They will be offered to the governments to help solve the problems. Iran, for example, declares they have the right to produce nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, but there is no way to make sure they are not manufacturing bombs. Our free power source invention can only be used for peaceful purposes, and it would make a reliable test.

Stage 5:

The War in Iraq was a grab for power, and the end result was that America lost power. The application of the principles demonstrated in these inventions will enable the U.S. to regain its power. By allowing the principles of these inventions to spread through the world, everyone on the planet will be able to regain his or her power.

Stage 6:

We recommend that these "power" principles continue to be spread and applied.