Kuwait (Stage 6)
Kuwait Advocates the Department of the Environment

Kuwait is an ideal advocate for the international government and its Department of the Environment, with its experiences during and after the Gulf War and the Iraq War. The wars destabilized the Middle East and threatened their security. The oil-well fires were an environmental disaster. Those who pollute must clean it up, and an international body must have the authority to enforce the environmental laws. No one will have the right to pollute with impunity, because no nation will be considered to have greater power and esteem than another.

Stage 1:

Our plan is to turn responsibility for the environment over to the world's leading experts, and to take politics and games of one-upmanship out of the resolution of environmental issues by the establishment of the international government, and to adjudicate disputes in the Local Courts. This is the only way the environment can be kept in its pristine state.

Stage 2:

Our advisors will assist to set up the Department of the Environment at the World Conference.

Stage 3:

The experts on the environment from every nation will attend the conference, and will start establishing the structure of the department, and prioritizing global issues. They will have the support of the organization and the nations that attend the conference, with the understand that their advisory services are one of the benefits a nation receives for participation in the international government.

Stage 4:

Our organization can solve global and national environmental crises by establishing the international government and its departments, and turning responsibility over to the Department of the Environment.

Stage 5:

The U.S. government's policies that enable corporations to move overseas or to outsource jobs to nations that have lower environmental standards must end. These are an example of several power games, and the games are backlashing on the United States.

Stage 6:

We recommend that the power games that put one nation or one individual over another, and the games that condone pollution, or power games that threaten the security or support of any nation all come to an end, and furthermore, we recommend the creation of the international government and its Department of the Environment to ensure that the planet stays in its pristine state for future generations to enjoy.